Thursday August 12 2010

make up!

I get a lot of questions what make up products I’m using,  so now I finally did this make up post and shooted the ones I’m using to my basic make up!

Step 1: Base. I get the perfect foundation-shade with mixing these three products: Lumene Double Stay, Lumene Sun Radiance and Lancome Color Ideal. That Sun Radiance thing is only like a cream that gives glow, so it can be mixed to anything even just to make the foundation lighter. In winter time I usually use Loreal’s Infallible makeup, but I think it’s too heavy for summer..
Step 2: Eyeshadows. Two first ones are from Clinique, the one in the right Dior, and the white one Maybelline. I usually use 3 shades at a time: the lightest one I use to inner corners of eyes and little bit below eyebrows, then I pick a shade that I put to the whole lid, and to outer corners and to the lidfurrow(?) I put the darkest shade. In daytime-makeup I prefer neutral colours, those two uppest shades in that Dior palette are probably most used!
After these I put on liquid eyeliner from Lumene, it’s in the picture below that blue stick.
Step 3: Lashes and eyebrows. First I curl my lashes, then put on mascara. My two all-time mascara favorites are Hypnose from Lancome and Excellength from Lumene. Right now I’m using Excellength, it’s much cheaper. For eyebrows I only use that grey/brown-coloured pencil.
Step 4: Bronzing powder. Sometimes I also use blushes.


Step 5: Lips. I almost forgot this, I just don’t do nearly anything to them, I only use some lipbalms or glosses. That strawberry lipbalm from The Body Shop has become my new favorite!

Aaaand ready! :-)

Sunday August 08 2010


Taas se on täällä. Uuvuuttava kuumuus ja  väsähtänyt olo, energia ei tunnu riittävän oikeen mihinkään. Outoa että mä tän sanon, mut syksy vois tulla nopeempaa. Oon löytänyt jo jotain syysvaatteitakin, mm. täydellisen takin, joka ei kyllä näillä näkymin pääse käyttöön vielä aikoihin. :-/ Tässä tulee nyt kumminkin tänä viikonloppuna otettuja kuvia!
In last few days I’ve bought myself some new clothes for autumn, but apparently I won’t be able to use them in long time, because the hot weather is back. It’s weird, but I kind of wish that fall would come faster. This heat is just exhausting! Anyway, here’s some pictures taken this weekend.


^My new denim dress from Zara. Luckily I didn’t buy it when it was normal priced, because now I found it on sale!
^Couple new cushions. Rose one is from H&M Home, purple one with ruffles is from Hemtex. New floral sheets also from Hemtex.
Today’s outfit: Top, bag, ballerinas – Zara,  skirt – AA, watch – got it as a gift


^Happy bday to my lovely cousin (I’m the one in the red shirt, hahah)