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outfit planning for new year’s eve

Oon saanut paljon kysymyksiä mitä aion laittaa päälle uuden vuoden juhlintaan, ja tässä olis vähän pikasia suunnitelmia. Nuden värinen paita/tunika/toppi, tummat farkut tai leggingsit (jos paidan pituus riittää), mustat korkkarit ja clutch laukku. Eli ihan simppeliä. Nyt pitäs näistä vielä päättää tarkemmin, ja keksiä ehkä kans jotain erikoisempaa hiuksiin tai meikkiin.. Voin päivitellä kuvaa sit millaseen asuun lopulta päädyin!
Translation: I’ve got many questions what to wear for new year’s eve party, and here’s some quick planning I made for my tonight’s outfit. I’m not quite sure yet, but something from these: a nude colored tunic, dark skinny jeans, heels and a clutch. So pretty simple! I’m not either sure yet what I’m doing with my hair and make up, but maybe I could try something new.. I can put some pictures here afterwards what I decided to wear!



// Thank you everyone for reading my blog this year, you’ve no idea how happy and grateful I am to have such wonderful readers, you’re the best! I hope you all have a great night, I’ll see you next year! :*

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do you live with your parents? :)

  2. Sunbeam says:

    those are great tops where did you get them from (=love your blog !!Love

  3. VicissitudiniLombarde says:

    Love these photos :)

  4. ValliantWonder. says:

    oh wow !your clothes are amazing , i wish i could live in your cupboard for one day :)please take photos and please come on on schülervz ..xoxohappy new year ♥and you should wear the one with the bow!

  5. Jane says:

    woohoo, have a great night!

  6. ValliantWonder. says:

    haha ! you helped me a lot , now i also know what to wear !if you want to know it you can check it in the following minutes on my blog , i am preparing an new post :)THANK YOU !

  7. Jessica says:

    Simple but really lovely!And great pictures! ♥

  8. Georgia says:

    This is my sort of plan, I need one of those tops to wear with my leather trousers! Hmm. Not long to go…It would be mine

  9. Anonymous says:

    I choose the tunic on the left =)xo , M.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get the right tunic from?

  11. Dixi Wonderland says:

    Aww I would have wanted to see you in a really cute dress ;/

  12. C h i Q . 21 says:

    i wish you a happy new year :D

  13. Kristina says:

    LOVE IT !xx

  14. FashionHippieLoves says:

    the first pic is awesome!X

  15. Anonymous says:

    great tops!

  16. xpresja says:

    Your outfit's always pretty:) Happy new year again:)

  17. Emi says:

    love your blog <3

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god… From where are the tunics?! They are very pretty!!

  19. Irene says:

    I think you are gonna look fabulous! Have a great night ;) xoxo irene

  20. Emmi says:

    oh I love the tops!I never found blouses like these ones,although I always search for them..

  21. ValliantWonder. says:

    please tell us from where these blouses are !

  22. Anonymous says:

    hi i would like to know if it was possible for you to translate yesterday post because i don't understand finnish and i am quite frustrated because i can't understand what you wroteBy the way i love your blog ;)

  23. Violet says:

    oh gosh so envious of your blouses and clutch grrr, hope you have a good 2011 ! :)x

  24. Joll Burr says:

    im looking forward to these pictures "after" what u was wearing, please show!:)

  25. Anonymous says:

    I think four shirt is the best for you on new year party. and black leggings. maybe you can do curly hair?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I love the top on the right (with the bow)enjoy your night and all the best for 2011 :) since I'm sick i have to stay in bed

  27. ValliantWonder. says:


  28. Sarah says:

    I like your Blog!Wish you a happy new Year :)

  29. PaperAirplanes says:

    Love the shoes :)

  30. Dasha says:

    Happy New Year, Mariannan!I love you♥

  31. Anonymous says:

    where did you buy fourth blouse? anwsere, please:)

  32. NYCarole says:

    I looove your blog and your style<3wish you a happy New Year!

  33. MissCupcake says:

    a simple look for a great night!!happy new year!

  34. fashion nightmare says:

    i love the blouses :)xx,*

  35. Anonymous says:

    wow, this blouse with something like bone is beautiful!! happy new year marianna!

  36. Raspberry Jam says:

    cool! i love your clutch!

  37. Babe Jane says:

    I think you will look amazing!I love your clutch :)wish you a happy new year, beauty!

  38. Ira Petrova says:

    i wish you to have great celebration! happy new 2011 year! :D

  39. agnes-in-wonderland says:

    Beautiful colours of the shirts. Happy New Year ;)

  40. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is very special and sweet, I love it!!I wish you a happy 2011 and full of good wishes.Kisses from Spain,Anna

  41. Anonymous says:

    I hope you have a great time! Great pictures, I love your clothes <3 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! +From where are the tunics? love, K.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yes, please post some outfits and makeups :) i'm looking for ideas. thanks, great blog.

  43. Brina ♥ chérie says:

    I love the Nude-Look too!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Wathever you decide to wear, you will be beatifull!Happy New Year MariannaMònica (Barcelona) :)

  45. Rachel says:

    Happy New Year and have a great time! I still don't know what I'm going to wear tonight either! x

  46. Josefina Little says:

    thank to you! for all amazing post you have done and I'm so glad that you will be with us for next year.So enjoy your New Year's Eve party!

  47. kingaaaa says:

    Happy 2011!!!

  48. Phoebe says:

    I need to know where those shirts are from! Particularly the cream, second from the left.

  49. Imaginacion says:

    I love the nude tops! Where are they from? I`m sure whatever you pick is gonna look amazing with skinny jeans, heels and a clutch.:)

  50. EllysMakeupbag says:

    Love those heels! Have a great new year's eve. xoxo

  51. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Marianna!

  52. Gina says:

    i think all those tunics are fabulous. i like the right one in the middle most!Have a great night!greetings from germany! xxx

  53. Kathrin says:

    Happy new year!

  54. united moods says:

    See U next year;)

  55. STEFFI says:

    simple, but gorgeous outfit! (-:

  56. Amraka says:

    Happy new year, too ;-)!

  57. Ksenia says:

    <3 your blog !)

  58. Lisa says:

    ery beautiful things and images in general.Happy New Year!!

  59. Angelica Zadr says:

    Your outfit is going to look amazing, I can't wait to see your full outfit photos, and your hairstyle. Happy New year xxx. Angelica

  60. Theonlyfashionprincess says:

    Happy new year! Great blog, hope you will check out my blog too. And follow me too if you like it.x

  61. Anonymous says:


  62. LuLu says:

    Lovely pics!Happy New Year! <3

  63. ღ Pale Puppet says:

    Ah, that clutch is to die for! <3Happy new year! Stay safe! :)

  64. Anonymous says:

    And I thank you for writing this blog!:DHappy New Year, Marianna!:*Marta

  65. Yaela says:

    i love the top on the right!love your blog :)

  66. Mary ♥ Mur says:

    happy new year!!!.))

  67. NATALIA says:

    happy new year! i like you! ♥

  68. Amber says:

    love it all!ecspecially the clutch!x amber

  69. laboine says:

    Happy New Year, dear <3

  70. Steph0188 says:

    Happy New year gorgeous lady :)I have loved reading your blog- and will carry on doing so in 2011, youre an inspiration and a stunnerall my love & wishesxx

  71. Lidia Shunderjuk says:

    i love your blouses and your pictures :)))have a nice new year :*

  72. ~ mia says:

    happy new year sweetheart :)you never said anything to me, but I still love your blog an dI admire you very, very much.please never give,~ mia

  73. Raji says:

    Happy New Year!Cant wait to see what you get up to in the coming yearWish you the best for 2011

  74. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE IT. i adore your blog, it's a m a z i n g! i'm from Brazil, and i found u searching pics in "we heart it" and i felt in love with your clothers and shoes! Parabéns!(congratulation in portuguese)

  75. Anonymous says:

    wish your dreams come true;) i've read many blogs but i love just yours!) happy new year! from Oufa? with love)xoxo

  76. Vasilieva says:

    these are gorge, hope you have a fabulous new year

  77. Chantal says:

    Ouhh..your blog is amazing,i love you room the collors,bed all!Die besten Grüße aus dem schönen Deutschland :))

  78. liza says:

    love your heels, have a fantastic new year!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    I hope you'll have a great 2011 year! I wish you a lot of health, happiness, nice trip do NY, good friends and of course fantastic boyfriend!

  80. andrea says:

    amazing blog! I follow u from Spain!xoxo

  81. miamilka says:

    your blog is so cool and you're amazing)Happy New Year*

  82. Nora says:

    das sind alles super schöne sachen, die blusen sehen toll aus und die hosen sind auch klasse! :) frohes neues jahr

  83. -a- says:

    i hope that you have fun last night. :)

  84. Sanah says:

    i love your shoes! ♥

  85. Anonymous says:

    hi :) i prefer that your outfit was amazing! can't wait to see it.btw, can u tell me, where could I get good quality t-shirts? for example, zara or smth?

  86. cindywieghardt says:

    where did you buy this beautiful clutch?:)

  87. Lera ♥ says:

    Thank you, i love you and your blog :* Happy New Year!

  88. Emily and Abigail says:

    Wow, so many great outfit options!! I like all of them.. you have such a great blog- now following you here, and on bloglovin'

  89. Addict Smile says:

    Happy new year!!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get your heels ? They're so beautiful ! Love your blog x

  91. Rocksy Ryan says:

    Happy New Year!)) from Siberia ^__^

  92. Anonymous says:

    where did you bought this blouses? and how long? :)happy new year M ! <3

  93. Nancy says:

    Personally, i enjoy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures!!Happy New Year!Nancy :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year ! Your blog is my favorite, he is so inspiring ! A French and Faithful reader.

  95. Alissa says:

    Oh, how pretty all the clothing looks! I love those tops :)Happy New Year!

  96. Andreea says:

    I love all these tops and their colors. Nice blog you have here!

  97. Marie says:

    Where are all these tunics from? They are so pretty <3Happy New Year!I wish You all the best and inspiration for posting here ;)

  98. KiziaMizia says:

    I love reading your blog, You're sooo inspiring. I wish you wrote more often :)

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. marianna says:

    Thank you all! <3Answers:- Yes, I'm still living with my parents- Those two tops on the left are from Mango, and the two tops on the right are from Zara- Heels and clutch also from Zara

  101. lavel says:

    i fall in love with these shirts….<3

  102. Anonymous says:

    Marianna add photos ur bags !

  103. Holly Springett says:

    Love the first shot of all the tops – gorgeous colours! Happy New Year!

  104. fashion ballerinas says:

    Happy New Year!Lovely photos)


    Could you please answer the questions on FORMSPRING? Please, please, please!

  106. Amber McQueen says:

    Happy new year, Marianna! ♥

  107. Anonymous says:

    Onko sulla ripsipidennykset, kun näyttävät niin pitkiltä ja tuuheilta?Tosi kaunis olet! :) Ihan kateeksi käy. :)

  108. Klasyczna says:

    You're soooooo pretty!Amazing.

  109. Anonymous says:

    hey mariannann! I like your blog. You have wonderful style. Where bought you these jeans? They're amazingggg

  110. Lola says:

    Wonderfull shoes ! :D

  111. sweetdreamsact says:

    I looked on Zara and didn't find tunic's like these. If there is any other sites I can purchase some like these please let me know http://sweetdreamsact.blogspot.comthanks!

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