Friday July 29 2011

nyc shopping, part two


Michael Kors watch. On the first day I decided if I still have dollars left on the last day I’ll go and buy this. I’m happy I had, now I think this was my best purchase!
I bought two pairs of Steve Madden’s, it was some kind of an offer, the wedges which I showed you already and these sandals.
Denim shirt from Zara. Straight out of the suitcase, looks much nicer without those wrinkles.
Bikinis from Victoria’s Secret.
Hoodie from VS also. Super comfy, when it gets colder I think I’ll wear this at home all the time.
My old wallet is dying, so I bought a new one from Nine West.
The Zara maxi skirt you already saw in my outfit post was also from New York.

Thursday July 28 2011

mysterious autumn

I’m not ready to say bye to summer yet, I’m happy there’s still at least one whole month left. But now I have one reason to be looking forward to autumn, I just had to share this with you. Pneumonia White invited me to do a fashion shoot with her! When I met her that night in Astoria in New York I felt a strange connection between us, so I’m excited to meet her again! The shoot is going to be all very mysterious, I can’t tell you much yet, but from all that I’ve heard it’s going to be really interesting. One thing she said about the shoot reminds me of something from my childhood… You will hear more!