Monday July 25 2011

good memories

I forget sometimes, dressing is about being creative. I get stuck in the same cloth pieces and forget to try different things and different combos.
I remember the good old days, when dressing up was a play. It was also about dreaming, through clothes we could be whoever we wanted to be. We arranged our own fashion shows and made up ourselves what was fashionable. I remember me and my friends having a sleepover somewhere and we used to put on the craziest cloth pieces we could find, for example six jackets at the same time, rubber boots, and a shower cap. Then we walked in the streets at night scaring people away and making other hiding friends laugh in the bushes.
One of our best games was picking up the weirdest clothes in the stores and trying them on, having competition who has the ugliest outfit. I remember us laughing so hard, I had the best time ever back then. I think I have to call my friends for a reunion to do this again some time.
Well maybe it would be better to leave these memories in the childhood, but still I want to give that fantasy a little more space in my life. Experimenting with clothes, trying new styles, not taking it too seriously. And not caring what other people think and say, as long as I won’t be sent in a mental hospital with my experiments. But I think I won’t be that brave.
Do you have some funny clothing memories like these? :)

Just random pictures from photo albums I’ve browsed today.

My brother, dad and me. I was a pretty good poser back then!

Sunday July 24 2011

nyc shopping, part one

Small bracelets from Topshop and SoHo street sellers
Orange bag from Aldo
Denim shorts Zara, striped shorts Forever21
Jeans from Hollister. Only jeans I use these days are from Hollister so I had to buy a new pair, they have the best models I’ve ever tried on.
Dress and jumpsuit, both Forever21
Shower gels and body lotions from Victoria’s Secret
I bought lots of cute and comfy underwear from Victoria’s Secret, here’s just a few!
These ballerinas from Gap are perfect to keep in my bag if I’m wearing high heels and there’s a risk my feet will start hurting
// Btw, love this hat FrouFrouu posted about! I’m craving for more hats, she read my mind! Nadia is definitely my big hat inspiration!
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