Thursday September 29 2011

friends with benefits


Viime viikolla olin Indiedaysin järkkäämässä ennakkonäytöksessä leffassa Vain Seksiä. Alkuun oli vähän ennakkoluuloja, veikkailin että tämä olisi aikalailla samanlainen kuin Näin ystävien kesken (No Strings Attached). No, kun leffa sitten lähti käyntiin unohtui näiden keskenäänvertailu kokonaan, samantyylisistä juonista huolimatta. Tämä leffa alkaa kahden juuri jätetyiksi tulleiden tapaamisella, headhunter Jamien on taivuteltava Dylania ottamaan vastaan työ Manhattanilla. He ystävystyvät ja kaveruuden edetessä pälkähtää Dylanille idea, johon Jamie epäröinnin jälkeen suostuu: seksiä ilman sitoumuksia. Vähän oli jo ennalta-arvattavaa miten tässä käykään, tunteet tulevat tielle ja asiat mutkistuvat.. Ennalta arvattavuudestakin huolimatta tämä oli täydellinen kevyt romanttinen komedia, sellanen joka oikeasti naurattaa ja viihdyttää. Suosittelen todellakin! Ainakin kaikille joille yleensä tän tyyppiset leffat kolahtavat, tää oli kumminkin siitä paremmasta päästä ;-D

Ensi-ilta 30.9!

Last week Indiedays arranged a premier of Friends With Benefits. At first I thought the movie would be a lot like No Strings Attached, but while watching this I forgot to compare these two completely. Though the plot was similar: two friends having a no-strings-attached sex relationship, then by the time emotions come on the way making things more complicated. Even though it was also pretty predictable, I really liked this movie. Perfect light romantic comedy! If you’ve seen this, what did you think?


Yksi iso plussa leffassa oli tapahtumapaikka: ihana Manhattan. Tuli niin ikävä New Yorkia, että inspiroiduin vielä tekemään kollasin joistain omista viime reissun kuvista. Voii että miten kaipaankaan takaisin noihin maisemiin.. Ei auta kuin toivoa että Hulluilla Päivillä olisi tarjouksessa Nycin lennot, hahha!

And one thing I loved in this movie was the setting: beautiful Manhattan. All the views on the screen made me miss New York, I want to go there again so badly.. Below is a little collage I inspired to make of some pictures from my last NY trip.


Tuesday September 27 2011

answers, part two

So here comes another answer post! For this one I gathered only questions about beauty things: hair, skin care, makeup etc.

Which hair products do you use?
It varies all the time what shampoos and conditioners I’m using, just some cheap basic ones. After washing and before blow-drying I use heat defence spray from TRESemmé and volume mousse from Wella.


Then after blow-drying I use hair spray (at the moment Schwartzkopf got2be) and sometimes I back-comb my hair a little bit from the roots. If I remember I use Wella’s Ocean Sprizz to the ends of my hair to make them look a little ‘clumpy’. If I’m too lazy to wash my hair or if I just want some roughness and good smell I use that TRESemmé dry shampoo.


How often do you cut your hair?
Once or twice a year, pretty rarely

How is your hair styled? Like do you have layers? Do you cut it yourself?
Yep I have layers. I don’t cut my hair myself, I’ve done that a couple of times when I was younger and every time I ruined it :-D Last time my hair was cut in Dynastia hair salon a couple of weeks ago, these pictures below I took there. I really liked the result! And my hair feels now more healthy after cutting the ends off.


(Kiitos Dynastialle pari viikkoa sitten tehdystä hiustenleikkuusta! Tykkään!!)

It is your natural hair color?
Yes. I’ve never colored my hair

how you put your hair like that? it’s like super wavy ! :)
At nights I keep my hair on a bun, then when I open it in the morning I have a little messy waves. But my hair is maybe a little wavy naturally..

Marianna, why don’t you tie your hair in a ponytale? In your older post you did and I like it very much!
I do that pretty often, almost always when I’m in a hurry or just want to keep my hair away.. But I’ll put that in mind, so you’ll see different hair styles in outfit posts.:)

What skincare products do you use?
For face: Biotherm’s Skinergetic (if I’m looking tired) and Lumene’s day cream and night cream


For body: Hollister body lotion, different body lotions and creams from Victoria’s Secret and The Body Shop body butters. Sometimes I blend that selftanner gel (Nivea sun touch) to those other body lotions. I never use it without blending, I’m afraid of getting lines.. And that way the bad smell isn’t that bad.


And my favourite shower gels: Victoria’s Secret Ravishing Love, The Body Shop watermelon & eucalyptus, Palmolive Thermal spa. These all are smelling so good, so good that I try avoid using them too much so that they wouldn’t end.. :-D


Which is your favorite product from The Body Shop?
Peach body butter. It was a season product, too bad.. I should start making an address for TBS to bring that back!

Do you prefer The Body Shop or Victoria’s Secret body butters?
So hard to decide, both are my favourites. But maybe Victoria’s Secret, they’re cheaper. It sucks how TBS products’ prices are always rising.

Do you like Clinique products?
Yes!! I’m waiting for the face wash liquid thing to be in sale somewhere, I used to have it and it was great.

What is your favorite perfume?
Elizabeth Arden Pretty, Kenzo (summer 2011), DKNY Be Delicous, Marc Jacobs Daisy


Do you go to solarium?
Not regularly, I’ve been a couple times but only for special occasions.

Do you have a tattoo? If not, would you like to have and what kind?
No, but some time ago I almost got myself one. At the last minute I decided to think about it more and now I haven’t done it yet. Now I’m not sure anymore, it’s so… permanent. :-D But a small handwritten personal text would be my choice.

Do you wear contact lenses? how bad are your eyes?
Yeah I do. -3.5 and -4.0. When I’m at home doing nothing I wear glasses.

Color nailpolishes or french manicure?
Both are nice, at the moment I prefer color nailpolishes. Plus colored nails are easier to take care of! Different reds, nudes and black are my favourites. Right now my nails are dark burgundy red, love this shade!

How much time you spend on makeup?
0-30 minutes, depends on how my day will look like/what I’m going to do

Your favourite make up products?
Lancome Color Ideal foundation, Dior eyeshadow (earth reflection), MUS Cover All mix, Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss, eyelash curler, Lumene: liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil and gel.


Your favourite mascara?
My top 3: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Lumene Excellength, Diorshow Black out

Do you ever use blush or bronzer?
Both, if I remember or have the time to put them on. So not always but usually (at least the bronzer)

And in your last outfit posts, are you wearing a bronzer from guerlain? Or something different?
Yes I use that Guerlain bronzer!

I love your MAC mineralize blush, which color is it please?
The shade is called Dainty. I really like that too, it’s a perfect shade of pink blush.


Any common favorite products with you guys? :)