Friday September 23 2011

my new home

Finally I can say I’m done with decorating, I think this place is ready! Time to show you this a little bit! So, welcome to my home :-)
(Some of the pictures are looking a little bit yellow, the ones that weren’t taken in daytime light)

Viimein voin sanoa, että valmista on! Tältä näyttää mun uusi kämppä:
















Monday September 19 2011

Answers, part one

(Remember everyone, this is only the part one ;) )


How old are you?
20. In October 13th 21

How are you doing? :)
Fine thanks! Still a little amazed by the fact that I’m living on my own now. But life is good :)

How tall are you?

How much do you weight?
I don’t know. I don’t own a scale, don’t remember the last time I weighed myself.

Whats your ethnicity?

what’s your sexual orientation?

what are your going to study at uni? or what would you like to study?
I’m not studying yet, but in the future I hope I’m going to study journalism/media/fashion.

Do you have a job?
Yeah, blogging. I blog for Vila and for an interior design blog, and ofc this one my own :)

What do you like to do most on your free weekends ?
Hang out with my friends. Stay home and watch movies, cooking and good food. Sometimes going out.

Where do you live? / Where will you live in Helsinki ?
In Helsinki city centre

Could we see some pictures of you new flat ?
Definitely! In couple of days, I promise!

Are you going to live alone in your new flat? DO you have roommates?
I’m living alone! Loving it :)

do you pay your apartment by yourself?
Yes I pay my rent and living myself.


^Me near my new home

Which experience do you want to have, when you are a grandma? :)

The experience of a fully lived life. With lots of traveling, seeing the world and happy memories.

What’s your motto
Don’t live in the past or in the future, but in the moment

What are you most proud of in your life? (it could be anything, like being in college, bloging, etc)
The wonderful people around me. Family and friends, even blog readers. Proud to have them!

What’s your the biggest dream?
To live in this cosy apartment forever, hahha.. Well, to at least live always in the middle of a big city, have all the amazing people in my life forever, to be happy and healthy. And traveling, I’m always dreaming about traveling.

Are you shy? Describe yourself and your character / How would you characterize yourself?
I’m maybe quiet sometimes, which many people take as shyness. Though in big groups I’m not usually the loud one, so I guess I can be also shy. I’m most of the time easygoing, calm and relaxed, I hate fighting and stressing about things so I tried to avoid those.

Favourite animal

What is your favorite color/pattern?
Colors: black, nude, cream, beige, pink. Pattern: leopard.

What does a normal day to you look like?
Which is your normal routine (get up, then…, etc)?
Getting up, shower, contact lenses, breakfast (and often opening my laptop at the same time or reading a paper), make up, hair. My days differ from each other always after that.


^Normal morning, breakfast + reading.

Why do you carry passport in your bag all the time?? I know it’s silly question but I’m really curious:)
I don’t own an id-card, so it’s my only identification proof, which can be needed any time :-D

Do you have a drive license? :) and a car? If yes, what is it?:)
Whoops, just reminded me… I’ve been in driving school for three years now, I’m pretty lazy with this. But soon hopefully I’ll have that! And no, I don’t own a car :)

How do you stay so organized, pretty and clean? Where do you get the motivation from?
Am I all those? I don’t know, I guess the last one is in my nature. I’m kind of a cleaning freak.


Are you popular in your town and country?
I guess I’m just ‘normal’, if you can say so :-D

Do you prefer to go out or to stay at home, like watching movies, reading and stuff like that?
Both, I have phases when I like to go out more but maybe most of the time I prefer cozy evenings at home

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?
Drawing, reading, seeing my friends, watching tv-shows (it’s a hobby, right?), interior design, soon going to gym (pilates/yoga)..

Do you read any “proper” books (that means not silly books by reality stars such as Lauren Conrad)? :)
Yes I do! The last ‘proper’ book I read was Donna Tartt’s Secret History.



How old were you when you started with blogging?
Uhmm I guess I was fifteen.

And was it a long time before your blog was popular?
I’m not sure how it went, by the time I just got more and more readers, I’ve no idea why or what happened

Have you ever had negative comments about your blog in real life?
No, at least not yet

Did you expect such a popularity?
Not at all

How do you feel now that you are part of indiedays? =)
Really good! Feels good to be a part of sort of a community, great opportunities ahead of me :)

What kind of advice would you offer someone looking to start their own blog?
Do your own thing in your own way, like you were blogging just for you. Be yourself and take it easy :-D

Have you ever thought about not blogging anymore? why?
Not in a way that I would actually stop blogging. I like it too much. But sometimes I can be a little stressed out about it, if people get me wrong or have certain image of me before knowing me, just because I write a “fashion blog”..

Since you are so popular you probably have lots of haters. How do you deal with them?
I have to remember that not everyone can be pleased, and that’s not my job. If I would try that I wouldn’t enjoy blogging anymore, and the whole point in this is that it’s fun. It’s easy to deal with ‘haters’ when I have out there so many lovely readers too :)

Your family and friends know about your blog?
Yeah, my family does and so does most of my friends. At least all those good ones.

What family and friends say about your blog?
Nothing special, they’re happy for me and know that blog is a part of my life

Who always takes your pictures for you?
Friends or family

How did you become so popular on your blog? I’d love to know how you got yours going and gained so much popularity
I didn’t have any ‘strategy’, I’ve always blogged in my own way and readers have come along by the time :)

Do some people in Finland recognize you on the streets? What do they tell you generally?;)
Sometimes people come to talk to me, like just say hi and that they read my blog etc. It’s always nice, and I always feel kind of proud for having such amazing readers when I see them in person

Is there a way how we can leave comments without sign our email all the time?
I think you don’t have to fill that information necessary there when you comment, the box just exists

Do you use lenses with your camera or just the camera as it came?
Just the camera as it came. But I’m dreaming about a new lense..


^My camera: Nikon D7000


which countries have you visited? :-)
Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, United States

And which one is your favorite and why?
New York, Paris and Hamburg. Three most beautiful cities I’ve been to.

Do you talk in german with your cousin?
Finnish, she is finnish too, just living in German. Though she speaks german as good as finnish, but not the same case with me ;D

how many languages you speak?
Four. Finnish, swedish, english, german.

Do you plan on visiting AUSTRALIA any time in the future?
I’m not sure, not in my current plans.. But it would be so nice now that it gets colder in Finland and warmer there!

have you ever been to england?
Sadly I haven’t. I’d love to visit London. Dreaming about the biig Topshop…

Which city do you prefer – New York or Paris?
Both are so wonderful, and SO different. If I had to decide, maybe NY. But I feel kind of bad saying that, cause I love Paris so much too, hahha..

What’s the best thing about New York? What did you liked the most?
Hard to choose only one thing. The traffic, the multicultural people, the shops (especially in SoHo), the food, the atmosphere, those tall buildings.  And central park.. <3


Which city/country you would like to visit (again) ?
New York, New york ;) But also Hamburg, I miss my cousin already, and the city really blew me away!

what is in your carry on bag when you travel?
Depends on my trip. Basic clothes that can be combined with each other easily, accessories and jewellery to cheer them up, make-up and the essential cosmetics, notebook and pens, hairspray, electronic things..

where do you want to live later? (country)
Don’t know yet. I’ve always thought I wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life in Finland, but now living on my own in Helsinki it doesn’t feel bad at all. Living every month in a new city would be exciting :-D And exhausting maybe.. But time will tell where I end up!

Hey, I’d like to know what do you think about Poland and polish people, have you ever met someone who were polish? I’m just curious :) you were in europe few times so… please let me know!
I think I haven’t met polish people in person, but all the polish readers I have seem so sweet. It would be nice to visit Poland so that I could get a clearer picture in my head of the country :)

Have you ever visited Ukraine?
Nope, I haven’t :/

Pratar du svenska ? ;)Hehe, do you speak swedish? ;)
Javisst, hahha.. Inte så bra, men jag har studiert svenska för sex år i skolan.

Would you like to visit Russia?
Yeah I would! Neighbor country and I’ve never been there!

Have you ever visited Spain?
I was one summer in Barcelona with my mum. And couple times to Canary Islands, doesn’t that count to Spain?


^Stuck in Frankfurt airport on my way to NY, summer 2011