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I spent these last few days at my parents house in Espoo, in my old home. In my other home, that sounds better. It was nice to be with my family, we rented movies and ate lots of good food. Internet didn’t work there, but now I’m back in my Helsinki apartment, sipping tea and reading blogs. And transferring outfit pictures from yesterday! I was in the mood for wearing something comfortable and warm, so I didn’t really think about the appearance. Basically I just layered every cloth I had there with me, haha!

Vietin viimepäivät vanhassa kodissani Espoossa vanhempieni luona. Tai no, toisessa kodissani, kuulostaa kivemmalta. Viime päivät oli siis pelkkää rentoa hengailua, leffojen vuokraamista ja hyvää ruokaa. Netti ei siellä valitettavasti mun koneella enää toiminut, mutta nyt oon takaisin Helsingin kämpässäni, juon juuri teetä ja pläräilen blogeja läpi. Ja siirrän asukuvia eiliseltä! En jaksanut miettiä kuin mukavuutta ja sitä että ois lämmin, joten kerrostin vaan kaikki vaatteet mitä mulla siellä oli mukana. Ja siltä se asu kyllä vähän näyttääkin, hah!





(Edit: Cardigan and scarf from Zara, boots Bianco, leggings Gina Tricot, bag Michael Kors)

192 Responses to “layering”

  1. sharla says:

    gorgeous as usual!!!!!! love the layered look

  2. Elli says:

    Nätti kokonaisuus :) Kerrospukeutuminen on syksyn ihan paras juttu!

  3. Melplosive says:

    wow, i really love your outfit!

  4. Amazingly gorgeous outfit! I love layering and you look so cute here! I think you might like my blog too, I’m an English fashion blogger.

  5. melodykura says:

    Love that sweater!!

  6. Lotustraum says:

    Dear Mariannan!

    I really love reading your blog ! Your Style is amazing!

    You really deserve a BEST BLOG AWARD!

    Hope you like it !

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  7. Axelle says:

    Omg such a cute outfit and you are a really beautiful girl ! Jealous ! ö

  8. mariana says:

    I truelyy loveeeee your outfit! visit me and follow

  9. Glad to see youre keeping warm and cosy! And still looking chic. Kisses from England.xo

  10. liz says:

    you take forever updating your blog, i come everyday to check out inspirational styles….but your not consistent posting new ones….

    i thought you enjoy this?????? then dont be lazy…youre pissing us off!!!!!!

  11. Cindy says:

    that’s right. I’m disappointed… You don’t even right on Twitter… That’s sad. You were telling that you’ll be writing more often… And now? I’m really sad cause you were my favorite blogger, and now you are just ‘one of the million’…

  12. Laura says:

    I loveeee your blog! I just found it and my following you now on bloglovin’. You have an amazing style!:)

    xx Laura

  13. KERRO NYT JO says:

    KERRO SIITÄ SUN MACBOOKISTA!!!! JOOKO RAXU, eihän tää ole ko kolmas kerta kun esitän simppelin pyynnön.


  14. Jihan S. says:

    I love the 3rd shot. And I’m CRAZY about thick knit scarves for winter!

  15. S says:

    toi laukku aiheuttaa vakavia sydämen tykytyksiä!!!

  16. Kara says:

    Where do you get your plaids?

  17. love chunky knits and you really work them with the leather trousers. you look so cosy perfect dressing for this weather.
    loads of love the headless stylist x

  18. AnsQu says:

    Ihana tää sun blogi ja kiva kun kirjotat myös Englanniks ♥

  19. Rocío says:

    Love the look! I like it so much :)

  20. Estrellaaa says:

    nice outfit and a great blog!:)

  21. Faust says:

    you are very pretty :)

  22. FJM says:

    I just found your blog by random & I’m so glad I did – I love your sense of style!

    This outfit is divine – love your layering for winter…!



  23. Anonymous says:

    hope you have time to check ot my blog..

  24. Allie says:

    That scarf…sigh. So perfect. I like the top :)

  25. you look great
    comfort never look so good
    layering is the best right?

  26. Camille says:

    Wow! You look great!! I looove your scarf! :)
    Very good blog!

  27. aley says:

    This outfit looks so warm and comfy and may I say adorable

    Follow me at:

    xoxo aley

  28. Rowena says:

    Beautiful look!

    I loved layers of different textures, especially at this time of year!

    Rowena @

  29. Wow, i really love your outfit. You are so beautiful. :)


  30. Laura says:

    Nice outfit! I really love your cardigan


  31. Linda says:

    Oot aivan sairaan kaunis! Ihana asu!:)

  32. Bree says:

    thats a great fall outfit! love layering!

  33. janina says:

    mist toi ihana neule on?:)

  34. Jazmine says:

    Ihana asu ja kivat kuvat sun kämpästä seuraavas postaukses :)

  35. (: says:

    ihana toi villapaitaaaa ! (: ja tosi kiva blogi (:

  36. MeyerMay29 says:

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