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two new things



Sweater from Kappahl. I really like the cut, it’s longer from the back and shorter in the front. Looks good with a ‘dress shirt’ underneath!

Neule Kappahlista. Tykkään tän leikkauksesta, takaa pidempi ja edestä lyhkäsempi. Näyttää kivalta kauluspaidan kanssa!



Shoes from Zara. I wore these for the first time on Tuesday, when I went to a magazine launch party with my friend. I have to say, these are probably the most uncomfortable shoes out of all my heels. I discovered that of course after ripping the price tag off in a hurry and already on my way to the party. But I survived, with sore feet though. I still love these, just not made for long distance walking.

I think I’m going to wear both of these tomorrow, so outfit pictures coming soon!

Kengät Zarasta. Nämä pääsi ensimmäistä kertaa jalkaan tiistaina, kun piipahdin kaverin kanssa REVS:in lanseerausjuhlissa. Täytyy sanoa, että kaikista (korollisista) kengistäni nää on kaikista epämukavimmat. Se tuli selville tietenkin vasta sen jälkeen, kun kiireessä olin hintalaput repinyt pois ja jo matkalla niihin kekkereihin. No, rakastan näitä silti, kovinkaan pitkien matkojen kävelyihin näitä ei vaan ole tehty.

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  1. Sina says:

    looks amazing!
    wow, the shoes :O
    and the pullover is just so cozy !
    perfect for cold winter days!

    would be so happy if you would visit my blog! :>


  2. juudyta says:

    wow! shoes are beautiful ;)))

  3. Librafleur says:

    I love your sweater! I need one like this, but maybe in red :)


    Libra xx

  4. Frayed Laces says:

    great things! it’s really bad that shoes are not comfortable, but still beautiful ;)

  5. anni says:

    Beautiful sweater ! :)

  6. nathalie says:

    love your sweater!

  7. Daniela says:

    LOVE the sweater!
    perfect color
    and actually lil bit “christmasy”
    and the shoes are great!
    itd be cool if you once make a post about your shoes
    u have a great taste!

  8. Chrisoula says:

    Oh I love the sweater. I’m looking forward to the outfit post! ;)
    Kisses :-**

  9. Love the sweater! You gonna look amazing in it :D

  10. Alma says:

    Amazing items! loving the boots :)


  11. Grande says:

    Oh, wonderful :)

  12. Yarden says:

    nice sweater, i really love this cozy kind of sweaters!
    great shoes. :)

  13. lott says:

    no kengät on super ihanat! mutta toi jalan asento noissa on ihan hirveä, eikä toi terävä kärki paranna sitä yhtään :// kokeiltu on monesti mutta yritän säästellä jalkojani ja pidättäytyä ostamasta. Ja toi neulekkin on tosi ihana!

  14. Alex says:

    wow :D
    these shoes i saw in Zara in polish. but they have red no black :D this is so beutiful :D

  15. Elin says:

    Love your new things!

  16. alenna says:

    Great sweater and shoes.. what a pity they r uncomfortable..but they are worth it :)! they look nice. im looking forward to your outfit post. please, be good to us and post it soon! tomorrow or on sunday,pls:(love you xx

  17. Mira says:

    nuo kengät näyttää upeilta!

  18. noush says:

    I love the sweater! The boots are really beautiful it’s a pity that they are uncomfortable

  19. Anna says:

    I love both of these. I can’t wait to see your outfit!

  20. Nikkie says:

    I love !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. coralie says:

    Love the both!! But the shoes are so high! ^^ I understand they’re uncomfortable!

  22. Love the sweater! It does look super cozy :)

  23. Dayane Mello says:

    I know as uncomfortable shoes are so awful, but these shoes are so awesome! *—–*
    I loved them. By the way, I think all the women looooove shoes, clothes, makes up, rings, bracelets…
    This is the first time I come here on your blog, and I can say I loved it. Congratulations for you…

  24. I love the sweater. Looks warm and comfy for the winter.

  25. Anonymous says:

    miss your longer post soooo bad :(

  26. malvina says:

    aww, sweater really cuite)

  27. Justyna says:

    love the sweater and boots! great finds!

  28. The shoes are gorgeous but they’re uncomfortable maybe because they’re pointed.

    Marianna could you do a post where you showed your entire accessories collection?
    All your rings, bracelets, earrings etc. I would love to see every piece, one by one, as i’m sure all your fans would.

    Thanks for posting :)

  29. Barbara:) says:

    really nice sweater :) … Mariana, I´m youre big fan!! love youre style and taste. I found on this blog that u´re 162 cm tall .. like me :) .. u´ve perfect body, I think .. what do u do for it? any sports or yoga? :)) And what about u´re weight? .. I´m really sorry but I´m just very curious
    :D :)

  30. Fran says:

    cute sweater and gorgeous heels!

    xx, Fran of

  31. valerie says:

    aw reaaaaaally nice stuffs!love them!<3


  32. stylishfox says:

    amazing shoes!! I love your blog, because you are so stylish and crazy girl! for me !

  33. Chelle says:

    Nice! Love the sweater :)

  34. Trisha says:

    I love the sweater!! Especially how it’s longer in the back, I need to find one just like this!!!


  35. Brittany says:

    love the shoes and the sweater

  36. yvonne says:

    these r so you!

  37. Polinna says:

    Nice things!
    Oh, that’s a pity, these shoes looks very good…

  38. vic says:

    I love both ! The sweater looks cosy and I have light purple one. Can’t wait for your outfit post!

  39. A. says:

    The sweater looks perfect, too bad it’s almost Summer in Australia!

  40. Monica says:

    How could such pretty shoes cause such pain in walking? They shouldn’t make beautiful shoes that are uncomfortable. At least the sweater is gorgeous and comfy at the same time!


  41. Frau-Eismann says:

    so pretty items!! like it!!!

    Marianna, welcome to my blog!

  42. amazing sweater! shoes are so pretty, but dangerous into the snow :D

  43. Hanyzka89 says:

    I really like the Zara shoes look, but I know, that they can be really uncomfortable. For example I have one beautiful flats from there, but I can wear them only for a short time:(
    But the sweater is amazing, I look forward the next outfit post:)
    Have nice day!

  44. kriss says:

    love your style!

  45. Catherine says:

    söpö villapaita! Ja mitä paidan pukeudut sen?

  46. Bianca says:

    like the shoes!

  47. Siiriliinu says:

    Mä en ymmärrä mikä kirous Zaran kengissä on. Ne on niin kauniita ja nättejä mutta en ole vielä löytänyt yhtäkään paria jotka eivät tappaisi jalkojani. Tai siis sellaset kengät joissa pystyisi kävelemään vähän pidempäänkin. No mutta, kauniita ne ainakin ovat :D

  48. nessy says:

    I love your sweater and your shoes zara

  49. Lauren. says:

    I love the sweater!

  50. I like both of the new things! Looks really cute!

  51. Julia says:

    Grat shoes! Beautiful!!

  52. Laura says:

    Toi neule näyttää ihanan pehmeeltä ja lämpimältä :)

  53. unicorn says:

    Hieno toi villapaita! Mitä ajattelin pukea pikkujouluihin?

  54. Mary says:

    Both of these purchases are great! The shoes look so nice too, it’s a shame that they’re uncomfortable…

  55. Vanessa says:

    oh, these shoes. love them.
    The pullover is great, like the colour and the cut.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I love it !<3

  57. Oh it’s such a shame that the most pretty heels are the most painful, isn’t it?! Look forward to how you will style this jumper and the boots together. Hope you had fun at the magazine launch party. Kiss from England.xo

  58. slečnael says:

    that´s pitty- with your new shoes! Sweater is beautifull! My new love is gray! have a nice day

  59. petra says:

    OI täydellinen villapaita!!<3 Paljon se maksoi?:)

  60. such a lovely sweater… the shape of it looks amazing *_*
    but with the shoes >.< such a pitty! :/


  61. WOWS says:

    Oooohhh What a lovely sweater!!! I love it!!!

    Kisses from Spain!!

  62. Cinja says:

    nice! but i had a feeling those shoes aren’t exactly uncomfortable

  63. GiuliaC says:

    Great purchases… I love the jumper, some days ago I got one similar to yours! Shoes are amazing, maybe they’re uncomfortable because they haven’t any platform..but they look so great that we can suffer :P

  64. Klaudia B. says:

    amazing things!
    Klaudia B.

  65. Ayshe Rose says:

    What an amazing blog!

    I follow you, please you also follow me!

  66. Georgiana says:

    I love the sweater and your blog, you’re so pretty.

  67. zivile says:

    the sweater is perfect!!!

    i’m glad that i’ve discovered your blog! it’s so cool and inspiring!!! I’m your newest follower darling!


  68. sara says:

    That’s why I always avoid this type of heels when I know it’s gonna be a long night with lots of standing. The shoes look good but my feet hurt just by staring at them. hahah
    The sweater is adorable and looks super confortable. Can’t wait to see how it looks with a short black dress and I think it would also look good with skinny jeans.

  69. My Way says:

    Wow!! Your purchases are brilliant

  70. Sassi says:

    I love both items!!! :) The sweater looks sooo cozy and the heels are just great! :) Have a lovely weekend! :D

  71. rae says:

    isn’t it the worst when you love a pair of shoes but they just aren’t that comfortable? oh well, doesn’t stop us from wearing them anyway! haha :) i really love that sweater looks super cosy. can’t wait to see how to pair it with the heels. hope you had fun at the magazine party too!

    <3 rae

  72. AngelaQ says:

    Love your shoes! xx

  73. Aleksandra says:

    I like this sweater, looks really comfortable :)) And shoes are gorgeous!

    Come see mine:

  74. Diary of Mia says:

    Those shoes look amazing, just pity they are not comfortable! Excited to see the outfit post!:)

  75. MillaH says:

    Oi, mikä neule!! VAU! Mulle kans! :)


  76. Anna says:

    I love your sweater !

  77. Comfy space says:

    I love the shoes and the sweater too<3 I'm sorry that the boots aren't too comfy, put it totally woth the pain, they are amazing<3

  78. I like both your new items!!

    The Life After

  79. Ina says:

    Ihania uutuuksia oot kyllä löytäny rinnalles! Oi että <3

  80. katty says:

    saludos desde Chile mariannan, me encanta tu blog :)

  81. TINA says:

    I love this sweater so much! <3

    Kisses from Poland,TINA.

  82. Egle says:

    Love your new things! The sweater is beautiful and the shoes are perfect. Just the kind of things that I’d wear.

  83. Tereza says:

    the sweater is wonderful!

  84. Sandra says:

    i love your new sweater !

  85. amity says:

    I love your sweater!

  86. Anonymous says:

    Ihanat! Tykkään itsekkin edestä lyhyt takaa pitkä neuleista:) Kuinkas pitkä olet?

  87. Auby says:

    Love the shoes!

  88. Punkee says:

    Umm… :D So nice stuff both.. ;) I was wondering.. :D Can you show us your new zara bag, please? I love it and I’m considering buying it so it would be very helpful.. :D

  89. Fashion-Hour says:

    I Want Your Shoes ;)

  90. That sweater is gorgeous! I love it! And I think the shoes are beautiful too but there is nothing worse than painful shoes, it makes you so grumpy! I hate it. Can’t wait to see the outfit! :) :)

  91. i really love the new longer-in-the-back sweater trend right now! i just got one very similar to yours!

  92. TONIA says:

    These shoes would kill my feet !! but love the pullover♥
    lovely greetings from GERMANY. :)

  93. Mariana says:

    Haha those heels do look extremely uncomfortable, but cute none the less. I’m in love with that sweater though, I’ve been looking for one similar too it. Comfy yet still can be dressed up.

  94. Regardless the pain those heels are stunning and the sweater is amazing.


  95. Daisy says:

    I LOVE the sweater! xo

  96. Between Nous says:

    The shoes are amaaaazing :)

  97. susanna89 says:

    kannattaa kokeilla vaihtaa kokoa isompiin ne kengät, ehkä ne on sitten paremmat :)

  98. Denise says:

    love the sweater, looks soo comfortable! :-)


  99. Tam and Ha says:

    Nice pullover. I love it, want it so bad …7


  100. mariana says:

    I love the sweater :)

  101. Sandy says:

    I like the sweater ;)


  102. inês says:

    love the sweater! ♥

  103. Nicole says:

    The heels are sooo perfect ! love love love them !

  104. emma says:

    Toi villapaita on just sellanen mitä oon tosi kauan ettiny!! Ja noi korkkarit on täydelliset :)

  105. Maitane says:

    The shoes are so awesome! Maybe i’ll buy them.

    I love your blog


  106. I love the sweater and the shoes are amazing :D

  107. Ashley says:

    I really like the ZARA shoes – they’re so elegant! Too bad they’re not entirely comfortable – oh well, sometimes you have to take fashion over pain!


  108. Emma says:

    Amazing new stuff.

  109. missaqua says:

    Bershka has some simliar shoes, with a golden back. They are so beautiful! But looking very uncomfortable as well:

    Excited to see your outfit!

  110. Alena says:

    Ohhh, soo beautiful things! Love it! ♥

  111. I like it :))) ♥
    schönen ersten advent!

  112. nicole says:

    You look so pretty and you have not got a boyfriend ! I can’t believe it :)

  113. Clara says:

    its sad, you stopped blogging after moving to indiedays. if thats a job, you should take it seriously..

  114. Aneta says:

    What you plan on christmas? You will spend them at home?

  115. Love your new things!!:)

  116. Jen says:

    oh my god! i love those shoes, so perfect x

  117. Kirby says:

    The jumper is so cute! I keep looking for a nice jumper but I can never seem to find one!

  118. Shawna says:

    I absolutely love both these finds! The sweater looks so cosy – can’t wait to see how you style it :) Sorry to hear the shoes aren’t that comfortable though; I’m so sad when that happens to shoes I love the look of!

    <3 Shawna

  119. Ms Jelena says:

    Both shoes and sweater are absolutely amazing!

    Ms Jelena xx

  120. Borjana says:

    Just when I wanted to buy them,I find your blog and read this!Thank you;)
    I’m following,can’believe I didn’t find you earlier:)

  121. Anonymous says:

    pliiiiiiis, postaa vähän useammin……..

  122. Mary says:

    wow,those shoes look not like zara but like higher designer!

    with love from Ukraine

  123. Julie says:

    Hi there,

    I love the sweater from kappahl but I live in the United States and they do not ship. I looked on their website and it indicates that they do not ship to the USA.

    If I sent you money for you to go out and buy me the grey color and the cream color would you send to me to the United States? I would send the money to you via PayPal. I would send you money that would total your time, the cost of the sweaters plus the shipping and customs. Please let me know if you would be interested in this. I have been looking for this type of sweater at this cost for a long time and cannot find in the states.

    Thank you!

  124. Julie says:

    Hi there,

    I just posted a question to see if you would act as a buyer for me for 2 sweaters from KappAhl and I wanted to let you know to please email me at if you are interested and able to do this.



  125. Next-Trend says:

    Your sweater looks so comfy!

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