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what’s wrong with the weather?!

Nearly December and I’m wearing autumn clothes!! It should be -10 celsius, not +10. Yesterday I wore those new items I posted about. The sweater, with a silky shirt underneath, and the shoes, ouch. As uncomfortable as at the first time. But I’m tough, and hoping they would just magically soften in to the shape of my feet if I wear them enough… Hahah!

Joulukuu lähestyy, ja syksytakeilla pärjää vieläkin! Sais jo kylmentyä ja tulla lunta, jos multa kysytään. No kumminkin, viime postauksessa esitellyt neule ja kengät pääsivät eilen päälle molemmat. Tykkään ton neuleen jättihihoista, ja tosta kauluspaita alla -yhdistelmästä. Ja noi kengät, oivoi, yhtä epämukavat kuin ensimmäisellä kerralla. Mutta mä oon sitkeä, vielä ne jotenkin maagisesti muokkautuu kun tarpeeks käyttää! Sure.. :-D







Jacket / Jackpot (mum’s old), sweater / Kappahl, shirt (under) / Mango, jeans bag & shoes / Zara, scarf / Ril’s

238 Responses to “what’s wrong with the weather?!”

  1. Hello Friday says:

    Love your outfit!! I love fall, when you can pull millions of stylish outfit and won’t freeze to death. xoxo

  2. Ms Jelena says:

    Love the boots and the nailpolish colour! :)

    Ms Jelena xx

  3. Chyme says:

    I agree, wheres the snow going almost December already. Well, its nice that weather is not so cold.

  4. Modelovers says:

    The jacket and the sweater are great. Very nice :)

  5. Andrea says:

    hey look Mariannan I have bought a shoes that really lokk alike yours but them are very comfortable.

    xoxo Aeg

  6. Andrea says:

    hey look Mariannan I have bought a shoes that really look alike yours but them are very comfortable.

    xoxo Aeg

  7. Marti says:

    I love your blog!!! :)
    if you want to go by myself :)
    accept any advice!!!

  8. tere says:

    incredible your look Mariannan! i really love your style, so although i dont follow many people (because i have no time) i will follow you know!


  9. yeah, its really not that cold! its unusual! love your shoes!!!

  10. Hayley says:

    i love the jumper and the shirt combination! x

  11. Viktoria says:

    You really have the perfect style!
    Love love love this outfit!!

  12. CarieV says:

    Nice outfit I really like the boots and the jacket I looks great :)

  13. Magda says:

    Amazing outfit :) Simple but girly :)

  14. Emi :) says:

    I love blazer, shoes.. All!

    I create a part on my blog “cloud of blogs” (with my favorites blogs) and your blog is there!!

    Good continuation ♡

  15. MK Cherie says:

    woooow, how beautiful ! *~*

  16. Lisa says:

    you are so beautiful! wow.

  17. FashionFlirt says:

    Love that outfit!

    Check out my blog if you like:

    kisses, Jasmin

  18. inês says:

    so pretty! love your sweater ♥

  19. Karloushette says:

    I love your outfit :D

  20. Kathrin says:

    Amazing outfit :)

  21. Olivia says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous as always!! Great outfit :)


  22. Sally says:

    I love the way you paired the button-up with the sweater! It’s the perfect combo for the unpredictable weather haha
    You have so many shoes, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between each pair! Nonetheless, I love your style :)

  23. kee says:

    It seems to me that you have lost weight…

  24. Dora says:

    Very pretty outfit,love everything!

  25. lisa says:

    its so warm because of global warming ;)

  26. martha says:

    I really love your outfit ! :) normally I don’t comment on other’s outfits, but this is such a good combination, it looks really warm cosy and stylish :)

  27. Daisy says:

    So gorgeouss! xx

  28. Tamara says:

    These boots are maybe uncomfortable but they’r worth the pain since they look soooo stunning !!
    xx T

  29. Anonymous says:

    Could you please write is the bag really worth buying? it’s great, but it doesn’t even got a zip!

  30. shestares says:

    Hi ! <3 love your blog !
    You're so lucky to still be able to wear autumn clothes: in France it's freazing !!!

  31. Julia says:


  32. TINA says:

    You look so pretty, girl! ;)

    See my blog: http://WWW.JUSTINAAAS.BLOGSPOT.COM

  33. Sally says:

    I was wondering, who takes these photos for you everyday?

  34. en tiedä mitä lie säässä vialla mutta tossa sun asukokonaisuudessa ei ainakaan mikään, näyttää hyvältä :)

  35. I love the sweater! Wish it was slightly cold in South Florida to even wear a cardigan. xox

  36. Ly says:

    I just adore your outfit. It’s so chic and casual.


  37. Katya says:

    Очень красивые фотографии=)

  38. Alena says:

    omg, your style is so wonderful! ♥

  39. Oliwia says:

    Beauty !!! <3

  40. Nikki Rae says:

    Love your outfits!! Pretty Girl :D

    Check out my blog at

  41. Tori says:

    Great Blog! I just found it and I am a fan!

    P.S. has anyone ever told you, you kinda look like Lauren Conrad?

  42. Paulina says:

    Hello:) Ive been following your blog for a while now and Im a bit confused as to what you do. Is blogging your full-time job? I remember you once saying that you will apply to university or something?

  43. Lea says:

    I really love the shoes, they look great with the skinny jeans!


  44. -Laura- says:

    Ensinnäkin, aivan ihastuttava asu isolla IILLÄ! :D ja nuo kengät! <3
    Toisekseen, täälläkin aivan sama tilanne, vaikka ite asun täällä vähän "pohjosemmassa", lunta on tullut vähän mutta heti seuraavana yönä tulee karmee vesisade ja kaikki lähtee… hmh. toivottavasti ei tuu ihan mustaa joulua, vaikken niin kauheena lumesta tykkääkkään…
    Ihanaa vkloppua !

  45. Mia says:

    its called global warming. That’s why its still warm out. :)

  46. Ana says:

    You are very beautiful and you are very style :)


  47. Natálka* says:

    Love your outfit! :)

  48. Ella says:

    Ihana asu! Ja pakko sanoo että muistutat jotenkin Lauren Conradia. Tulee aina mieleen kun luen sun blogia, varsinkin asukuvissa! Mut jatka samaa rataa, tää on tosi kiva blogi :)

  49. Hi ;)
    I very like your blog, your blog is amazing!!!
    And your style is very very wonderful :3

  50. Angy says:

    I like the combination :)
    looks good!

    nice weekend :)

  51. Madiii says:

    ohh! you look so cute! love ur boots by the way <3
    The Indie Chase Blog

  52. eQ says:

    the sweater is perfect, really love this outfit :))

  53. Zivile says:

    You look fantastic!!!!!!!! this outfit is so amazing and inspiring!


  54. iona says:

    COMPLETELY in love with your style, especially loving the whole boots and skinny jeans thing.

  55. Charlotte says:


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  57. sophie says:

    hello !

    I find you so pretty ! And I particulary like your hair style, what ask you to your hairdresser ? I want to be like you !
    your blog is amazing, so cute and girly, I love it, go on !

  58. Tereza says:

    Love the boots! :))

  59. Kristina says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Those shoes are beautiful, too bad they hurt your feet :(
    But you still look great!

  60. Olivia says:

    I love your blog!Your style is simple but very nice!

  61. Sigrid says:

    I love your shoes!!

  62. Mathilda says:

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  63. simone says:

    stunning, this look is so comfy and cozy with the thick knit sweater, yet still stylish with those pointed toe ankle boots <3

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