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a few things from ny


Golden bangles, from H&M and Mango.

Kultaisia rannerenkaita H&M:stä ja Mangosta.


Rings, from Aldo and Topshop. (Except the silver one, that I bought here from Indiska. But it’s new!)

Sormuksia Aldosta ja Topshopista. (Paitsi hopeinen sormus on ostettu ihan täältä Indiskasta, mutta uusi myöskin!)


My bracelet jar is getting pretty full. I need a new place to keep these, if I buy even one more bangle.

Alkaa olla aika täyttä mun rannekorujen säilytyspurkissa. Täytyy keksiä uusi paikka näille, jos ostan enää yhdenkään massiivisemman rannerenkaan, joita Nycistä tuli keräiltyä.




Shirts from Brandy Melville. I think I’ll use these a lot in summer, the material is so light, and these will be perfect with denim shorts.. Right now I’m actually wearing that pink shirt under a big grey open knit from Brandy Melville as well, so not only for summer!

Paitoja Brandy Melvillestä. Nämä tulevat varmaan kovaan käyttöön kesällä, ihanan ohuita ja keveitä päällä, ja sopivat varmaan täydellisesti farkkushortseihin.. Ei sillä etteikö talveenkin sopisi, nyt mulla on nimittäin tuo pinkki juuri päällä harmaan paksumman aukinaisen neuleen alla. Se oli Brandy Melville -löytö myös.



Mint green colored top from Forever21. I loved the embellished details and the scallop shaped layers, and the color!

Mintun vihreä paita Forever21:stä. Rakastuin noihin helmikirjailuihin ja piparkakkumaiseen reunaan, ja tietenkin väriin!


Body lotions and a perfumed body spray from Victoria’s Secret. Delicious smells.

Vartalorasvoja ja body spray Victoria’s Secretiltä. Ja oijoi minkä tuoksuisia.


Loose home pants from Victoria’s Secret. I could live in these, so comfy.

Löysät kotihousut Victoria’s Secretiltä. Sisältä pehmeän fleecemäiset, näissä voisi vaikka asua!

Ps, Thank you for the way too sweet comments in the last post, you’ve no idea how happy you made me! ♥

Ps, Kiitos aivan liian ihanista kommenteista viime postauksessa, ette arvaakkaan miten iloiseksi minut teitte! ♥

244 Responses to “a few things from ny”

  1. Daisy says:

    Looove your jewelry! So much! xxxx

  2. Maja says:

    Lovely Things! I read your Blog! :-)
    I have taken your blogin my blogroll, hope you like it ! ♥

  3. Laura says:

    wow,those rings are amazing;)


  4. sharla says:

    love those shirts from Brandy Melville!

  5. marieam says:

    Great stuff – love your style :))

  6. Agatka says:

    I love your pictures. I can’t wait for new pictures!!;)
    This is my “blog”

  7. Julia says:

    Marianna, your blog is SO amazing and it was a highlight to read your view of the fashion week.
    true inspiration. true story :)

  8. Lucille says:

    Really beautiful rings and bangles, I love gold jewellery!!

  9. Tatiana says:

    what lovely jewelry and clothes have you got! you taste is so one of a kind! thank you for sharing with us!

  10. Nastja says:

    Love this bracelet jar :)!


    P.S. Still a day left to enter my GIVEAWAY:

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love your jeverly !

  12. hna says:

    I love your gold cage ring! (where is it from? topshop or aldo?) Love your blog, if you’d check out mine sometime, that’d be so cool! thanks!


  13. I love your new purchases!

  14. Christine says:

    I love the ring with the chain! Your blog is inspiring, as always. Love your site girl

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I love all your cuffs and rings! I think I need to take a much needed visit to Topshop and H&M!


  16. Elizabeth says:

    I am in love with all your new jewelry! Such great finds =) Love how everything is photographed as well, so clean and crisp

    xo Elizabeth

  17. Mariana says:

    I’m so in love with the jewelry you bought! I’ve in major need of some new accessories, I’m going to have to hit up H&M and Aldo Accessories (they have the best inexpensive jewelry!) since it seems like you got some great things. That sheer blouse is also very cute, I bet it will look nice on your skin tone/hair color.

  18. Sofié says:

    Hi cutie pie!
    I liked especially those shirts from Brandy Melville :))

  19. FJM says:

    Ohhh, I want everything in all of these images.

    Those cuff bracelets are amazing & the pants from Victoria’s Secret look oh so comfy..!


  20. SHELLZDOLL says:

    cute stuff..cant go wrong with Vic’s Secret….

    New blog post..Feb Faves:

  21. Seena says:

    Miksi et ollut mukana myymässä sunnuntain iniedays kirpputorilla Kluuvissa? Olisi ollut kiva nähdä sua siellä(:

  22. Seena says:

    Miksi et ollut mukana myymässä sunnuntain indiedays kirpputorilla Kluuvissa? Olisi ollut kiva nähdä sua siellä!

  23. Ioana says:

    Nice things you got from NY! Like them! Can`t wait to see you wear them.

  24. Estelle says:

    Hi !
    Those bracelets are so beautiful !
    I love your jar too. Where does it come from ?
    Your new shirts are quite pretty too, especially the pink and the mint green one ;).
    (I also read your posts on NY Fashion Week, it was great to see it with your personnal point of view)
    Can’t wait your next post !

  25. Nathalie says:

    I absolutely love those golden bangles and of course your blog! it’s the best one! :)

  26. kaniini says:

    katslein sun vanhempia postauksia ja voisitko kertoa, että mistä tämän postauksen hame on ostettu??:


  27. Ela says:

    The pink shirt looks great!
    And I have one of your gold jewellery, too :D

  28. Izabella says:

    beautiful jewellery! visit me and see my collection :)

  29. Jen says:

    The accessories are awesome!

  30. Neila says:

    You brought back beautiful pieces from NYC and Gosh I can’t believe that you do not have a Sephora back in your country that is so weird but at least I guess you can order online even if its more expensive.. :/ Hope you had fun in NYC, it is such an inspiring and beautiful city!!! :) Here is a website that you may like and maybe already know it its a website that make Balanciaga, Miu Miu and chanel bags for less expensive because they are printed on xpensive bags but everyone has them in Paris and in Italy (even the blogger: “The Blond salald”) Has it: Check it out!!! :)

    On that point, you are an amazing blogger and I love looking at your blog every day it is so inspiring and you are having a great style!!!! Have a nice evening young lady and TTYL!!

  31. annie says:

    best blogger ever!
    you have great and sooo inspiring style, love your blog!

  32. Nathalie says:

    I love the thing you’ve bought!
    Especially the shirts :)

  33. TIA says:

    Nyt ei oo mitään tähän postaukseen liittyvää. Ois kysymys. Sähän oot ostanu kenkiä Top Shopista? Ajattelin ite tilata yhet korkkarit mut en oo uskaltanu, koska en tiiä et miten ne koot menee. Vastaako ne koot iha normisti et 37 on 37, että voinko tilata ihan oman koon kengät vai heittääkö koko jotenkin vaikka? Oisin tosi kiitollinen jos vastaisit :)

  34. Nicole N says:

    I love everything that you bought!
    Especially the jewelries and those tops <3
    I'm in love with your blog, ever since I first started reading it x

  35. Borjana says:

    I’m glad you had a great time,it’s like we were with you (but next time you’re taking me;)) Love the ring,sooo interesting!

  36. Sally says:

    Marianna, where is that beautiful bracelet jar from? I love it!

  37. Evamaria says:

    Beautiful jar for bracelets, love it!

    Also, the pink blouse looks great.

    Lots of love,

  38. Olivia says:

    Great style!!! Can’t wait to see some of these pieces in outfit posts.

  39. Desi says:

    Hi Mariannan, I think you could be interested in the new contest by Lauren Conrad ;)

  40. Debbie says:

    Hi Mariannan, I so love your amazing blog!
    Because of that I would like to offer you one of the POP SWATCHES that I sell, to you free of charge, to the value of £69.00. After choosing, let me know which one you want and your address so I can post it to you. I promise not to disclose your address with no one.
    My email is, its actually my husbands email that I`m using.
    I`m looking forward to hear from you,

    Debbie Moss

  41. Debbie says:

    oops sorry! the same comment twice!lol
    the value of the pop swatch is of £69.00.

    Debbie Moss

  42. Ewelina says:

    Lovely clothes, I love your blog!!:)))


  43. saara says:

    Hei, sulla on ihan mahtava blogi ja tyyli. Sä yhdistelet vaatteita niin upeesti! Mistä se sun kultanen kaulakoru on, joka oli custo barcelona postauksessa? Oli niin upee, jotenki aladdin yasminin korun tapanen. :)

  44. Riikka says:

    Voi mikä ihanuus tuo Forever21 n toppi!

  45. thmr says:

    Voi vitsi kun mäkin pääsisin taas käymään New Yorkissa, aivan ihania kuvia !

  46. Anonymous says:

    Voi miten ihania kuvia!:) mäkin haluisin päästä new yorkiin. Löysin tän sun blogin tänään, ja oon lukenut nyt aika paljon näitä vanhojakin postauksia. Sait uuden lukijan blogillesi! :)
    Ihastuin heti tähän!

  47. newfan;) says:

    Hei, sun blogi on aivan ihana! Ihastuin siihen heti kun huomasin sen tänään, ja oon lukenut nyt jo aika paljon sun vanhoja postauksiakin:)
    Sait juuri uuden lukijan! ootan innolla lisää(:

  48. eleonora says:

    Beautiful things! I love the rings on the second picture and the green top! =)

  49. ebeth says:

    Muistan, kun löysin sun blogis joskus aaaikoja sitten blogilistalta ja nyt vasta tajusin, että olet liittynyt indiedaysiin (tiedän, tylsistyin lukemaan blogeja yhdessä vaiheessa). Mahtava harppaus, ja lukijamäärätkin on lievästi kasvaneet, onnea siis! :)

    Piti vain tulla tervehtimään ja kertomaan, että olet ehdottomasti kaunein ja tyylikkän (tätä mieltä olin myös vuosia sitten) bloggaaja, jota Suomesta löytyy! Mä niin näen sut jossain huippuhienoissa hommissa muodin parissa vanhempana :)

  50. Lucy says:

    Awww I love the ring with the links and the feather :) x x

  51. Denise says:

    Love Victoria’s secret Pink-collectoin <3 hope to get my hands on a few items as well!
    Also the blouses and forver21 top are adorable.

    X Denise

  52. dora says:

    Everything looks so amazing Marianna! :)

  53. onemoreshoes says:

    Lovely blousses!

    one more shoes

  54. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous! I love the bracelet jar so much!!! Where’s it from?!


  55. Rosa says:

    i love that bracelet jar!! where did you get it??

  56. Indieyana says:

    Really like the stuff you’ve bought! I wanna have these great blouses, too!

  57. Youshui says:

    I don’t found your mint green top on the forever 21 web site!! :( It was a new collection or an ancient ?

  58. Love it: “Golden bangles, from H&M and Mango” and “Rings, from Aldo and Topshop.”, so so beautiful! :)

  59. Jenny says:

    Please oh god PLEASE tell where is that bracelet jar from??

    Could you kindly reply this comment please?

    And lovin your blog and style and… just everything! <3


  60. Mimi Nizan says:

    love all these colors, and the jewelry is beautiful :)

  61. dalal says:

    love the bangles :)

  62. Katya says:

    your braslet jar is perfect!
    where did you buy it?

  63. Alexandra says:

    Todella upeita noi käsikorut! Itse oon hurahtanut noihin sulkajuttuihin ihan totaalisesti! :)
    Anyway, jos ketään ei pahastu mainoksestani toivoisin paljon osallistujia Fashion Paradise Onen BILETOPPI arvontaan :)
    Tervetuloa jokaiikka!

  64. Georgia says:

    May I ask where you purchased the bracelet jar from? It’s amazing!

  65. Hi! I like your jewelery! you have a good taste!

  66. Marit says:

    I love your blog so so much !
    Where did you get your bracelet yar ?

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