8 Responses to “My blog moving to mariannan.costume.fi!”

  1. minniefox. says:

    Damn it..I love this blog. But hope your next blog will be awesome like this one:)

  2. ulla says:

    Voiko blogia sen jälkeen enää seurata esim bloglovinin kautta?? Ps. Ihana blogi sinulla <3

  3. e. says:

    Pink blog was much better :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, I was wondering do you have a tumblr?

    There is a girl using your pictures on tumblr and pretending to be you

  5. sdsdff says:

    lol.. I sold yourself for finnish shit, I can’t even be watcher of your new blog, because is another website than blogger. Good job….

  6. Amy says:

    I dont like the new look of your new blog on costume.. :/
    this was better,but i love your blog so much!

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