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summer 2012

Click the picture to open a small collage of my summer! (And click the grey area to close it.) I made this using Publishzer, it’s like an online mood board. I got an invitation to try how it works, and I love it. Last time I had a little technical difficulties posting this, but now everything should be working.

I want the summer back sooo badly. These pictures and the song in there, they bring me so many memories. Why is everything so difficult in autumn? Summer was so… light and easy.

41 Responses to “summer 2012”

  1. Hayley says:

    did you really jumper into the water like that? :0 lovely pictures:) x

  2. noush says:

    I miss summer too :(

  3. Christina says:

    Looks like an AMAZING summer. I already miss the warm weather, short skirts, tanned skin and cold cocktails. Do we really have to wait a whole year for it to come back?

  4. Alethia says:

    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Angelina says:

    I love the picture with your dog! :)

  6. Minyi says:

    wauuuw, it looks like paradise..

  7. Katarzyna B. says:

    Fantastic post! And nice photos :) I love your blog :)

  8. Ana says:

    you are so beautiful,amazing photos :)

  9. miramariia says:

    kesää on kyllä niin ikävä. huonojen ilmojen vuoksi tuntuu, että kesä oli normaalia lyhyempi. talveksi pitää kyllä ehdottomasti varailla jokin matka jonnekin lämpimään (:

  10. Alina says:

    How cool ist that?

    xX Alina

    P.S. I’m new so could anyone please follow me :(

  11. ANna says:

    What is the name of the song???
    I’m looking for it since i heard it some months ago but i can’t find it!!!

  12. Andrea says:

    Beautiful pictures!! It’s true, everything seems easier when it’s everyday sunshine and warm weather. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  13. amazing collage! love your pictures!! ;) xo, Alma

  14. name says:

    i like your new profile photo, first photo of these summer photos
    it reminds me of this day

  15. Marika says:

    Kaunis kollaasi. :)

  16. That is so gorgeous! Lovely pics, in particular the one with people jumpin!
    fashion – trends – DIYs

  17. patricia says:

    nice photos!!! and great post ;)
    kisses pretty

  18. Filipa Santos says:

    Beautiful! Your pictures smell like summer!

  19. annie says:

    lovely collage!!!

  20. Paulina says:

    I also miss summer… Great photos. Can’t wait to see next post and I hope you’ll write much more!

  21. Ashley says:

    This collage makes me miss summer too! But its good that you have some long lasting memories to remind you of the great summer you had. Very nice collage.


  22. paula says:

    najlepszy był skok do wody :) uwielbiam cię :))

  23. Charlotte says:

    I wish it was summer too :( life seems much happier and easier X

  24. e. says:

    You wrote similar post about the summer and since you have been creating your blog for Costume magazine came nothing new from you. We are waiting for more old-styled posts. Anyway keep doing it, because we still love your blog so much! x

  25. Peony Clouds says:

    I truly love your blog, like thousands of other people, but sometimes your posts look like
    1. adverts, adverts, adverts
    2. don’t want to post, but post something already seen
    It’s only my opinion, but your earlier posts were better, interesting, easygoing, TRUE, girly and even childish. But this last is the most adorable and pretty in you, I know you’re famous now, but most of your last posts don’t have a “soul”, we don’t feel real YOU. I do not want to become a fan of somebody, but your simple posts about your life make us smile, don’t know whe but motivate us, make the life better and they don’t look like most of the today’s bloggers “i’m stupid, ugly, sexy and I want to be popular”. Your natural way of blogging has your positive spirit, that’s why most of the people really like and read your blog. Re-reading your post is something that cheers me up. And so on, and so on.
    Marianna, please, don’t become commercial. You will always have a popularity if you write in your older natural way. And besides that critical comment WE STILL LOVING YOU.

  26. Kaelyn says:

    I have to tell you that I absolutely adore your blog and I find myself looking for updates almost every day. You have such a lovely taste in decor and style. Stay classy <3

  27. rplc says:

    your blog is awesome!

  28. Maria says:

    Ihania kesäkuvia, toivottavasti ensikesänä olisi vähän enemmän hellettä sit kans :)) Mutta kesää odotellessa… sadetta kuunnellessahan tämäkin viikonloppu tässä meni :) Kiva sunnuntaita!

  29. ann says:

    I’d like to see photos of your flat. I’m during decorating my new room and I really need inspiration.

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