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fresh & white


Tuesday. Work and a couple appointments, meeting friends, cleaning home. It feels so fresh and white in here, with my new white sofa and pastel colored dishes. Baby blue, baby pink and white. Tomorrow it’s time for hairdresser! Finally I’m getting rid of the dry ends, and maybe it would be nice to cut side bangs… Now that it’s sunny and almost springlike, I feel like freshing up everything!

Tiistai. Töitä ja pari tapaamista, kavereiden näkemistä, kodin järjestelyä. Piristää aina kun saa jotain uutta kotiin, nyt sain koottua uuden sohvani ja rahini! Ja tykkään niin uusista astioistani: vaaleanpunaista, vaaleansinistä ja valkoista. Huomenna kampaajalle, leikkaamaan kuivahtaneet latvat pois ja ehkä vähän sivuotsista, jos uskallan… Oon kevätfiiliksissä, tekee mieli uudistaa kaikki!







What do you think of my new dishes? I’ll show my new sofa better later, and after tomorrow my new hair! ;)

Mitä pidätte mun uusista astioista? Näytän sohvasta parempaa kuvaa myöhemmin, ja ehkä jo huomenna uusista hiuksista!

102 Responses to “fresh & white”

  1. Peaches says:

    Your new dishes are so cute. I love them in these colours.
    I can’t wait to see you after visiting a hairdresser’s :-)
    Have fun!

  2. Monika says:

    I love your flat. You have great choise. I love white with light other colors.

  3. Natali says:

    Such a cozy photos! Love your new dishes!!


  4. Sandra says:

    I love your new dishes! And your sofa looks similar to what my parents have :) You have great taste! And ohh, I cannot wait for spring! Here in Estonia has been such a sunny weather for past two days! I hope it stays like that!

  5. Voguerka says:

    Everything is so pretty! :) Love the colours!



  6. Ariadni says:

    Hi there,
    The dishes are very cute, what brand are they? Im looking for sth simular here in denmark

    By the way, i think i see a trick on the couch.. Did you lay a blanket below the pillows? If yes that’s brilliant!!!

    • Jass says:

      For Finnish cutlery you should check out Illums Bolighus and Magasin in Copenhagen, they sell Iittala products ;)

    • marianna marianna says:

      They are from Iittala. And yes you saw right ;D I thought it’d be easier to wash the blanket, than the covers of the pillows, when it gets off-white :D Haha!

      Thank you!

  7. Sundari says:

    I love the dishes! I can’t wait to buy things for my new home :)

  8. nanna says:

    sun kämppä vaikuttaa niin ihanalt :–) ja jooo koitappa sitä sivuotsist !


  9. Alessandra says:

    I absolutely love your photos and your dishes ,too haha.
    Kissesssss from Slovakia.

    http://alexandrak-fashion.blogspot.sk/ <3

  10. Anna says:

    Cute dishes! Ikea? ;) :D

    Btw what’s your fav tea?

    Nice post, time for spring. x

    • marianna marianna says:

      Thank you Anna :) The dishes are from Iittala, Finnish design! My fav tea, hmm.. Probably chai tea or vanilla.


      • Anna says:

        Chai tea or vanilla is perfect. I love the chai latte from Starbucks. Too bad that you only have Starbucks at your airport in Helsinki. :( that’s the only thing I missed in Finland, haha.

  11. Kristiana says:

    I love your pastel color dishes, in fact I have them in baby pink too! It really makes your food that little bit prettier, haha.

  12. Vicky says:

    they’re cute, did you get them at ikea? your apartment always looks so comfy! i’ll be moving into a new apartment in a few days and i might have gotten some inspiration for it from you :)

  13. Silvia says:

    Love your blog!!! kisses from Mallorca (Spain)

  14. Noush says:

    Great pics !

  15. Tini says:

    Nice picture of your place! The flower look very nice. Cant wait to see your hair :)

  16. Mani says:

    Your dishes are such pretty colours! Love how it suits the feel of your place :)

  17. Michelle says:

    Love the pastel colours, so cute :)

  18. Julia says:

    Du bist so wunderbar Marianna! Wegen dir habe ich überhaupt angefangen zu bloggen!
    Liebe grüße aus München, Deutschland :)


  19. lizzie t. says:

    I love your simple spring style. It makes me hopeful that warm weather is coming soon! :)


  20. Kasia says:

    great inspirations!

  21. nancy says:

    I love your pastel dishes they’re really pretty and simple.Your food looks yummy btw. :-)

  22. Mandy says:

    can’ wait for spring!!!

  23. Mandy says:

    can’t wait for spring!!!

  24. Heartbeat says:

    You always care the details! :)

    heartbeat blog

  25. chantelle says:

    The dishes are adorable and I think I have the same sofa! I’ve been pondering whether or not to buy a new set of colors for it, and I’m loving the white on yours!

  26. Sabine says:

    Looks like as if Spring has arrived in your city already! In Germany it is still snowing. I always thought it should be vice versa? Hahaha……
    I like your dishes very much, may I ask where you have bought them?

    Kisses from Germany
    ♥ Sunny ♥ von STYLESPHERE

  27. MissHudson says:

    I feel the same… the need to make some changes for the spring! I have a hairdresser appointment on Friday, my hair really need a cut! :D oh and i love the new sofa! :)

  28. MissHudson says:

    I feel the same… the need to make some changes for the spring! I have a hairdresser appointment on Friday, my hair really need a cut! :D oh and i love the new sofa! :)


  29. Naghmeh says:

    love your new dishes, such sweet colours and perfect for a fresh start. Can’t wait to see your new hair :)

  30. sandra says:

    Love the dishes, colors are so gentle and romantic ♥

  31. Everytinhg’s perfect! Please do not be upset if I use your whole house as inspiration for decorating my home later! LOL

    xoxo <3

  32. LIV says:

    simply beautiful pictures! xox


  33. Nickie says:

    Love the white color! And your home looks very cozy!


  34. Pinja says:

    Ihania astioita!<3 oon nyt jotenkin ihan hurahtanut kaikkiin kauniisiin astioihin :D

  35. Anonymous says:

    i like your possessions) everything is so girly))


  36. Mira says:

    The dishes look so cute. Esp. love their colors. Need that too. It´s perfect for Spring <3



  37. Maria Abajo says:

    Lovely photos! I love this flowers! xx

  38. Kata says:

    Ihana postaus ja ihanat astiat!:)mistä oot ne ostanut?


  39. Gita says:

    Aaah, it’s so nice that Spring is finally coming around the corner. Let us know how the hair cut turns out :)!


  40. LOLA says:

    Beautiful pics”””!!!!!

  41. Simo says:

    I like your Nordic concept of interior, clear colors, the importance of pure light, fresh flowers … Here in Spain, people have a very baroque style, they often use dark colors or very bright even for the walls, it’s really interesting and surprising to see their homes full of horror vacui! I wait curiously for your new hairstyle, surely you’ll be pretty as always :)

  42. Sanni says:

    Ihanan värisiä noi astiat, söpöjä! Sun kämppä vaikuttaa tosi rauhalliselta ja ihanalta kun on paljon vaaleita värejä. Otatko joskus enemmän kuvia asunnostasi? :)

  43. eleonora says:

    I love your new sofa and the cushions, they are so pretty! I’m also in the mood for freshing up everything! =)

    xx, eleonora

  44. Sabina says:

    I believe one day ill have so amazing apartman as you♥ i really love it and your photos too ;)

  45. Kaisu says:

    Ihania astioita, omistan itse samoja ;)

  46. Lydia says:

    Such lovely photos, you have a very good eye! I really like the pastel colours here; the dishes are lovely!


  47. Elena says:

    your apartment always looks soooo pretty. love how clean and white it is and the dishes are awesome.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I really like the dishes! I need to buy more for my appartment, too. I have almost the similar couch like yours, but mine is only for two persons. I LOVE it! When I once sat down on it I don’t want to stand up for hours ;) xx

  49. You You says:

    Lovely colors!

  50. Dominica says:

    The dishes are nice! :-)

  51. Wilma says:

    Aivan ihania noi astiat! Noi sopii yhteenkin jotenkin niin hyvin vaikka ihan erivärisiä onkin, pastellit<3

  52. Jenna says:

    Moi, oon seuraillu sun blogia jo tosi kauan, mutta en oo saanu itteeni kommentoimaan. Nyt sen kyllä teen ! :)
    Oot tosi nätti ja blogin perusteella tosi lempee ja kiva :) Mut tälläsen tyhmän jutun haluun ilmottaa, että jos et vielä tiennyt niin instagramissa on käyttäjä nimeltä mariannanlove_ niin hän käyttää sun kuvia jne… ja kommentteina tulee että you are so beautiful, omg i love your style jne.. Et ootko ite huomannu ? ja siellä on kaks muutakin mutta tää on isoin.. ne kask on ihan tää mariannan ja mariannan22 … Mut toivottavasti lopettaa toisten kuvien varastamisen !

    • marianna marianna says:

      Kiitos ihana, piristit mun päivää! :) Laitan instagrammissa ilmiantoja eteenpäin, en ole noita varmaan ennen huomannutkaan! Eli kiitti avusta, toivotaan että poistettais pian… Ja psst, kommentoihan jatkossakin! (;

  53. Nana says:

    Sivuotsis on nätti, varmasti sopisi sulle :) Laitteleppa sitten kuvia! <3

  54. Eliza says:

    Helsinki looks beautiful as it turns spring. So do your dishes (; xx

  55. ivy says:

    I absolutely love your dishes xx

  56. Katherine says:

    Love the pastel dishes, and all of the light in your apartment. It gives it a light yet cozy sense.


  57. SHELLZDOLL says:

    love your blog! you have the prettiest pics!


  58. Carol says:

    i love your style!

    http://stylebr.com.br – street syle here

  59. Your place is just to die for! Major room inspiration for sure!
    The dishes are soo cute! I am in love!

    Hope you have a great day love!!

  60. luiza says:

    pleaseeeee, house tour:)

  61. kassie says:

    Looks so fresh and spring-ish. love the dishes and the sofa, very pretty

  62. Samira says:

    looks very fresh and tender!!)


  63. Hi there! Just dropped by to let you know we’ve nominated you for the ‘very inspiring blog award’! Click the link for details http://viennafashionwaltz.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/5779/


  64. Anna says:

    I am so glad you listened to my comment and will cut those ends! YAy! :)

    Excited to see how it will look lady.


  65. Anika says:

    Looks really cozy.May I ask where u get the sofa??

  66. Svea Nassat says:

    Love the colors! Fresh white and rose are perfect for spring!

  67. Wow beautiful pictures! Like, it’s not breaking news but still, wonderful! Is it really springlike in Finland? Cause here in Belgium, it’s still freezing and I’m just sick of it, I want suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Your most addicted Belgian fan – Francois

  68. Anni says:

    love the style of your house *___*
    greetings from the canary islans :D
    love anni

  69. aleksandra says:

    nice photos <3

  70. Mel says:

    Check out & follow my blog!


  71. laurusss says:

    mulla on samanlaisia lautasia ja kuppeja, mut sinisen tilalla minttu :) ne on aivan ihanania<3

  72. Giulia says:

    I love it!!!!!!!! Amanzing colours

  73. Anonymous says:

    spring is so fresh and clean…and ur cups and dishes are so perfect..a white couch is perfect ….u can add colours whenever u want by throwing in some nice colour cushions..


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