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thursday things

Happened today:

Tänään tapahtunutta:


♡ Bobbi Brown launch. Finally we have it here in Finland! When I listened to the make up guru Eduardo Ferreira talking about the brand and showing how to do the basic makeup step by step, I really wanted to get every product he was using and telling about. How to get the flawless skin, sun kissed look, natural eyes and lips. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning, cause you know what! I’m getting my makeup done by the same guru! ;) But I have a fear I’ll be poor after that, those makeup products just seem too good not to buy. Eduardo also highlighted all the things that I personally think are the so important in makeup: a glowy skin and not too much powder, yellow based  foundations and natural look. At least those are the top things for myself!

♡ Bobbi Brownin lanseeraus. Vihdoin merkki on meillä täällä Suomessakin! Meikkiguru Eduardo Ferreiran oppeja ja Bobbi Brownin periaatteita kuunnellessa tuli fiilis, että tää on mun meikkimerkki. Askel askeleelta saatiin seurata miten täydellinen perusmeikki syntyi, ja niin vaivattomasti. Just omia ajatuksia meikkaamisesti korosti Eduardo myös, mikä vaan lisäsi mun vakuuttuneisuutta. Näitä juttuja oli mm. liian puuterin käytön välttäminen, hehkuvan ihon ja keltapohjaisten meikkivoiteiden ylistys. Ja luonnollisuus. Oon innoissani jo huomisesta, kun saan aamulla Eduardon tekemän meikin!



♡ Yummy breakfast! Yoghurt, muesli and berries, porridge and bread, juice and coffee. What more could I have asked for!

♡ Ihana aamiainen: jogurttia ja mysliä, marjoja, puuroa, leipää, mehua ja kahvia. Mitä muuta tähän olisikaan enää kaivannut!






♡ Surprise gifts from Bobbi Brown. The bronzer/blusher below was actually the first product that caught my eye that I would have wanted to buy first! Happy me!

♡ Yllärilahjoja Bobbi Brownilta. Tuota alla olevassa kuvassa näkyvää aurinkopuuteria/poskipunaa ihastelin heti ensimmäisenä meikkejä katsellessa, eli tää oli ihan superiloinen yllätys!



♡ Foggy weather today. It was so weird how everything disappeared and looked grey .

♡  Sumu. Niin hassunnäköistä ollut tänään kaikkialla, ihankuin silmien edessä olis joku harmaa verho.


♡ Gym. Working out in the daytime gives so good energy for the rest of the day. Beats working out in the nighttime! Later I met my friend for sushi, but nope, I still can’t eat that. I had wished that some kind of magical change would have happened in that. I also bought a couple new pillows (doing a new home post soon gave me a good excuse), and went finally home after buying some food that I actually can eat. But on Instagram I got some good sushi tips that I need to try, I’m not giving up with sushi just yet!

♡ Sali. Oli ihana tehdä pieni treeni päiväsaikaan, jää niin energinen fiilis loppupäivälle. Voittaa mun mielestä iltasalin! Myöhemmin treffasin kaveria ja päädyttiin sushipaikkaan syömään, mutta ei, en mä tykkää sushista vieläkään. Harmi, elättelin toivoa että olis joku maaginen muutos tapahtunut. Ostin myös parit koristetyynyt kotiin, sillä tekosyyllä että mullahan on uusi kotipostaus tekeillä. Ja ruokakaupan kautta kotiin, kurnivalla vatsalla niiden parin sushipalan jälkeen mitkä alas sain. :-D Mutta toivo mulla vielä elää että löydän ne sushit joista tykkäisinkin, instagramiin sain jo hyviä vinkkejä!

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  1. Irm. says:

    So weird you don’t like sushi,it’s like my fav food haha
    Love the pics! :)

  2. Madeleine says:

    What a great post! A little different from those before, which I like! Excited to see the upcoming home-post:-)

  3. h* says:

    I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown make up!!!

  4. Noush says:

    I love Bobbi Brown, lucky you :)

  5. Sara says:

    Bobbi Brown is such a great brand! My favorite besides M.A.C.
    The lipsticks and eye shadow palettes are great, you should definitely get one of those! I’m so jalous of that make-up manual by the way!

    X Sara

  6. Ihana päivä :) Bobbi Brown on ykkönen, rakastan tuotteiden laatua ja kauniin yksinkertaista ulkoasua! Simple & elegant

    ♡: Anni

  7. Ana says:

    The Bobbi Brown shimmer is so pretty
    Hope see you fast you with this new makeup on your lovely face.
    Love from Paris <3

  8. Juliette says:

    Bobbi Brown is fantastic! You are a lucky girl :)
    Why can’t you eat sushi? I cook it at home and also eat it everywhere, but vegetarian. Is so delicious.

  9. Hayley says:

    i love foggy weather, so picturesque! wow bobbi brown freebies, best brand ever. x

  10. Carina says:

    Ahhh Bobbi Brown looks so nice! I haven’t tried anything from them yet.


  11. Monica says:

    The bronzer/blush compact is the first item I’d buy! The shimmer looks beautiful. I love the sun kissed summer skin look and the bronzer/blush compact would be so perfect for it. Great collection! :)


  12. Chantelle says:

    Love the runners. I hope you’re feeling better soon! I know how much it can suck to not be able to eat what you love. Bonne chance!

  13. Ashley says:

    I love Bobbi Brown and isn’t that book amazing? I still resort to it once in a while and every girl should own it :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash
    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  14. Natali says:

    Bobbi Brown cosmetics are fabulous and it was about the time to have them in Helsinki :)

  15. Shirley says:

    Adore the cheetah print and pink accented sneakers! Such a cute way to liven up the trip to the gym :)

  16. Jay A. says:

    You sound so happy on this post; which in return makes me happy. I’m glad you had fun! Aww, you’re so cute, you just go ahead and buy whatever you want and I’ll pay for it, wish I could spoil you with gifts as a token of my esteem towards you. Maybe someday you’ll give me that chance. Here’s hoping..

    Anyway, you inspired this tonight:

    Had to try some sushi this evening myself, this is authentic Japanese sushi, I ordered the infamous “California roll” except the black sheet was left in place. So it makes it look like fish.. and based on your photo you tried the: Tai, Amaebi, and Ikura. Easily the worst possible choices for sushi beginners. Always ask for rolls, you’ll love them. We have many sushi bars in America, specially in California, being so geographically close to Japan, map wise. And would love to show you around sometime, bring the family, I’m cool with it. :-)

    *A kiss to your hand* lovely, Marianna.


  17. Caroline says:

    Hi Marianna! I really liked this post. But I actually love all of your posts and I love your style, too. Have a nice day. xx Caro

  18. Anna says:

    Aww, so cool you have it now in Helsinki. Where exactly? I need to check it out, as I want to have some of Bobbie Brown products so bad. :) and as I’m spending my birthday next month in Finland, this is the best chance :)

    Haha I don’t like Sushi either. :)

    Please show us your make up then!

  19. Hehe you sounded just like me when you said that you still can’t eat sushi, but hoped some kind of magic had happened…
    I had the same thing. My boyfriend took me out to have sush, my very first time to try one. I was so excited coz everybody loves sushi. But gh, I dont like it at all :S:S So, about a month or more later I told him to go to the sushi place again coz i know he loved sushi. I really hoped (and felt) than I might enjoy sushi this time…but nooooo, I still dont like it :S I guess I never will :/

  20. Aimee says:

    Pretty post! I have the rose Shimmerbrick and I love it =)

  21. epp says:

    So weird but I actually have never heard of Bobby Brown! In estonia we don’t have a great selection so .. :)but sushi makes me disgust right now as well! Gotta find the right one I guess :)



  22. I just adore your beautiful pictures! Getting so inspirerd :D

  23. emzi says:

    Ihana että Bobbi Brown viimein tuli tänne meillekin! :D

  24. Sasa says:

    Beautiful photos! I would really like to try bobbi brown but we dont have it in our coumtry:-(

  25. lola says:


  26. Rebecca says:

    And you definitely shouldn’t give up with sushi yet! A friend of mine also couldn’t eat this whole raw fish stuff and now she loves it. Keep looking at beautiful pictures of delicious sushi and you will see someday you can eat it. And you won’t regret. It’s delicious ;) xx

  27. jane says:

    Your sneakers look great !! Lovely colors !

  28. Marta says:

    Hello Marianna ;) I like this post very much, can you share where in Helsinki we can buy BB cosmetics? I woud love to have them :) Hyvää viikonloppua!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cores incríveis, os produtos aparentam ser de uma ótima qualidade!
    Obs: Tênis tão lindo, amei!
    Bju Bju

  30. Laura says:

    Itse ihastelin kanssa tällä viikolla noita tuotteita…(etenkin niitä auronkopuutereita!! )että ei oo totta et Suomeenkin saadaan viimein näitä! :D Haluaisitko tehdä jonkun listan noista tuotteista ja omat arvostelut ja mahdollisesti vielä kuvatkin in action? :) Oisin kiinnostunut kuulemaan sun mielipiteitä laadusta ja toimivuudesta, sillä joskus haluaisin itsekin ko.merkin tuotteita kokeilla.

  31. Katie says:

    I love your blog! You have great style, and are super gorgeous! I usually love your beauty posts, but am a little disappointed that you are promoting Bobbi Brown. They are no longer cruelty free!!! They are owned by Estee Lauder (which has moved into the Chinese market, which REQUIRES animal testing!!!!).
    Hopefully that changes your opinion of their products!!!!

  32. Violet says:

    the colors of the products look sooo vibrant! The event looked lovely btw


  33. Melissa says:

    I am in love with the nike sneaker :)

  34. Melanie says:

    Beautiful photos in this post ! That’s so great that you guys just got Bobbi’s line! I love her products as well. And oh my goodness, are those nikes amazing or what?!


    Stay Lovely,

    Melanie from Silk And Chai

  35. Zsú says:

    the bronzer is truely amazing, my sister has it and it’s perfect.

  36. Pauline says:

    It’s so great that you’re finally getting it in FInland, it’s quite a wonderful brand!

  37. Pinja says:

    Noita Bobbi Brownin meikkejä on kyllä pakko päästä kokeilemaan!

  38. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article.
    Thanks for providing these details.

  39. Irina says:

    Love your blog

  40. Kim says:

    Lovely photos, the Bobbi Brown launch looked fun! Sushi is one of my favorite girls night out. Give veggie rolls a try, try are a great alternative to the fishy ones!


  41. We loved the look and the photos, beautiful!
    Samara Sisters

  42. Asfjthv says:

    Pikkulinnut lauloivat, että deittailisit cheekiä. You go girl! ;)

  43. Anais B says:

    Love this make up !
    Great pics !

  44. Zula says:

    Wow, you really do nothing the whole day except for working out, shopping and dining out… lucky you;-)

  45. Iris says:

    Once you start using Bobbi Brown you’ll never want anything else, trust me! Waaay better than M.A.C. !

  46. Clarissa says:

    I love Bobbi Brown makeup, it is the best ! :) x

  47. Kristen says:

    So jealous of your Bobbi Brown gifts – they all looks amazing!

  48. Henna says:

    Hei, tämä ei liity tähän postaukseesi, mutta kirjoittelit jokin aika sitten, että sait Silk’n Flash&Go:n ihokarvanpoistovalo-laitteen Gigantilta kokeiluun. Olen odotellut uutta postausta kokemuksista, enkä millään löydä, oletko tehnyt sellaisen? :)

  49. Carla says:

    Lucky you! having the chance to experience the whole Bobbi Brown experience, I adore their makeup line.

    xx, C.

  50. Magdalena says:

    Wow! It’s a great happening that you met make up master :) Could you show us an effect of his cooperation with you? I’m so curious about his ideas for natural make up. Can’t wait for more stories about that :)

  51. Juliesway says:

    Lovely pictures :)


  52. Irina says:

    New post! Love your blog

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