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golden love


Notice anything new among my daily essential things?

Huomaatteko mitään uutta mun tärkeiden laukussa aina kulkevien juttujen joukossa?


Yes – the new golden iPhone 5S! Since my old phone got stolen (in the same stupid mess when I got the knock out drops) and it seems like I’m not getting it back, I knew I had to have this. This is so pretty it takes away a little bit of the pain of losing all my old phone pictures and contacts and all. It’s so weird how big part of your life is in a little thing called cellphone!

Kyllä – se kultainen uusi iPhone 5S! Kun vanha puhelimeni varastettiin (samassa syssyssä kun sain ne tyrmäystipat viikonloppuna) eikä merkkejä sen paluusta kuulunut, tiesin että nyt on uuden iPhonen aika. Tämä on niin nätti, että vähän jopa lievittää sitä valtavaa tuskaa, joka vanhojen kännykkäkuvien ja kontaktien ja kaiken menettämisestä aiheutuu… Miten melkein koko elämä voi olla tallennettuna puhelimeen!



The golden color is even a little bit christmas-y, isn’t it? Haha yes I’ve really started to wait for Christmas already!

Kultainen väri on jo aika jouluinenkin, eikö? Haha jepjep, en suinkaan odota jo joulua.




What do you think of my new phone? Would you have chosen the same color, or safer silver or black? Oh and tips needed: what is the best app for iPhone in editing pictures, for example for Instagram? I don’t even remember what programs I used in my Samsung… Thank you already :) I feel like a kid playing with my new phone now all the time!

Mitäs pidätte? Olisitteko valinneet saman kultaisen, vai jomman kumman niistä turvallisemmista väreistä, hopean tai mustan? Ja hei jos jollain on vinkkiä parhaaseen kuvien muokkausohjelmaan iPhonelle, niin kertokaahan!

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  1. Steph says:

    try picfx for editing :)

  2. Angelica says:

    I love the photos, gold iphone looks amazing! I think I will need to upgrade my white iphone ;D

  3. Natali says:

    Great phone, I would love to get the same one, it looks so chic, much more than regular black or white one!


  4. Laura says:

    psst! Ei ne sun kuvat ja kontaktit ole mihinkään hävinny, vaikka puhelin lähtikin. iTunes kysyy “do you want to restore from iPhone5 (tai mikä sun puhelin nyt olikaan)” ja lataa kuvat ja osotteet uuteen puhelimeen. Olennaista vaan on se milloin viimeksi olit yhdistäny edellisen puhelimen läppäriin… Ja ihana on kyllä tuo uusin Iphone, onnea vain sen johdosta!

  5. Amna says:

    I like Mirrorgram and Whitegram they are not especially for editing but real good Instagram effects! :D

  6. Anna says:

    Haha I know how you feel, I got my phone replaced a few weeks ago as my home button didn’t work correct. :)

    The best pictures editing apps are camera + and pixlromatic if you ask me :) and I think the last one you used to have before as well. :)

    I’m so jealous, about the gold one. I’m getting that for myself too in a few months.

    Oh and where’s your cute bracelet from?

  7. Stefany says:

    Love the color of your new phone. I have the iPhone 5 in black and probably would have went for black again if I had the iPhone 5s. Anyway, where is the key pouche from? :)
    Great editing apps are PicFx or Afterlight but they cost a little. It’s totally worth it tho! xx

  8. Fabiola says:

    VSCO Cam is the best editing app for the iPhone :) !!

  9. Agag says:

    Why dont you use iCloud, so that you wont loose your pictures next time? Its realny good to know that you can always restore your pictures and contacts if something bad happens to your iphone:)
    Btw. I love the golden one! I would like to have this one :)

  10. cococherry says:

    I got myself the black one when the iPhone 5 first came out. Right now I’ve started thinking that the white one is so nice and now that the white/golden came out I love it even more. But well, no new phone for me, not yet :) But I suggest you to try Picfx and Snapseed. I use Snapseed on my iPad but I think it comes for iPhone as well. They are both great apps for photos. And let’s not forget VSCOcam – that’s great too and FREE :) have fun with your new phone!

  11. Romina says:

    So in love with the new apple design!


  12. katerina says:

    definetly vsco cam! love your blog xxx

  13. Monica says:

    I can’t believe your old phone got stolen! But, I have to say… the gold iPhone is SO pretty! I would have picked gold, too. I like how it matches many of the items in the pictures – gold is so pretty!
    As for editing software, try Afterlight or VSCOcam! They’re two of my favorites and the effects are gorgeous.


  14. Camilla says:

    For editting pitctures the best ones used for instagram are these: VSCO Cam, Afterlight and Squaready. There’s a bunch more, this girl > thingsyouremember.blogg.se gives nice tips and her photos are great. Also, if you like to change the icons on your iPhone, you can download Cocoppa. There’s plenty of cute icons for all your apps!
    Good to see you with an iPhone again. It fits you better and the golden it’s just perfect for ya.


  15. Noush says:

    I love it but it’s so expensive, I don’t think it deserve this price.

  16. Juliette says:

    I’m so sorry about your phone and what happened to you.. I hope you are ok now.
    I always prefer Samsung but this is very beautiful too. And of course I would choose also the golden one.
    Enjoy it!

  17. Renata says:

    Golden Iphone is amazing, Classic yet modern. Good choice

  18. At least you replaced it with the new iPhone! It’s so pretty, as is everything else in the photos.

    The Fashann Monster

  19. Sasa says:

    Golden iPhone is beautiful! The best app is after light:-)

  20. emilia says:

    Kuinka sulla on varaa ostaa aina uusin malli joka puhelimesta? eihän sitä ole edes pitkä kun päätit iphone 4:n tilalle ostaa iphone 5 sitten sulla olikin samsung galaxy s4 ja nyt jo ipone 5s.. kuinka voi olla rahaa ostaa sinänsä pienen ajan sisällä kolme uusinta mallia olevaa puhelinta?:o ja miksi silloin edes vaihdoit iphone 5:n samsungiin?

  21. Sara says:

    I’ve been wanting this gold iPhone from the moment it was launched! It is so beautiful. I’ll just pray that I get it for Christmas right ;-)
    It still sucks what happened to you though. I cannot imagine why people do such things to others, it really frightens me.

    And for apps, Aviary also has some nice features and effects.

    X Sara


  22. Kate says:

    You should definitely download Camera+, VSCO cam and PicLab. These apps can do miracles with pictures!

  23. Anna-Marie says:

    really looking forward to getting golden one too. <33

  24. Silvie Vaculčíková says:

    So Perfect!


  25. Sonja says:

    Marianna – can you do an updated “essential things” post for your purse? :)

  26. iik says:

    mistä löysit ton?! tuntuu että ne on joka kaupasta loppu, vaikka olen koittanut kytätä niitä jo viime viikon alusta, ja sinä kuitenkin olet omasi ostanut vasta viikonlopun tyrmäystippa tapauksen jälkeen?!

  27. Dannielle says:

    I really like PicTapGo as you can change how much of the filter you actually want to use and layer them on top of each other, plus you can then upload the full size picture to instagram or choose a cropped version. The beautiful mess app is lovely to play with text and doodles though :)

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  28. I use snapseed to edit my pictures :)

  29. elena says:

    can’t wait to get my new iphone. i will get in in december or even earlier. you got knock out drops? oh my god. happened to a friend of mine last year and i took her to hospital…i don’t know why people are soo rude.

  30. Elisa says:

    Iphone 5s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

    ​With love,
    Elisa – ​My Fantabulous World

  31. Tiffany Elam says:

    I would’ve gotten the gold one too!


  32. Katerina says:

    Hello dear Marianna,
    After using my Iphone for 4 months I found pretty nice apps for making my pics beautiful.
    I would like to share with you :)
    1) My fav one is Squaready. It will help you not to crop your photo. I love it!
    2) VSCOcam. It has amazing effects. Really it does.
    3) Retrica. It is free and it’s nice. I mean you can look yourself with effect in the moment of making photo. I guess I am bad in explanations. But at least try, maybe you will like it. In this app I like B&W effects.
    4) Tadaa 3D will help you to make your pics look like 3D photo. :) interesting indeed.!
    4) TimerCam. Sometimes we don’t have friend near and we need to make a photo. This app will do it.
    5) Reflection. Great app too. It makes double you :D eh look it, many bloggers use it…

    Katya X

  33. Aimee says:

    I just ordered the silver iPhone 5S a few days ago. I can’t wait for it to arive =)
    I use Picfx, Whitagram and PicFrame.

  34. laura says:

    VSCO cam ja BeFunky on mun lemppari appit:)

    • marianna marianna says:

      Okeii tosta jälkimmäisestä en olekaan kuullut, VSCO:n latasin ja se on ainakin ihan huippu! :) Kiitos vinkeistä!

  35. The pink Miu Miu purse is gorgeous .. I love that baby pink colour.

    Laura xx

    P.s. I am hosting a Michael Kors watch giveaway this week. If you fancy your chances, you can enter at the link below:


  36. Lina says:

    I love your new iphone, I want it too! <3

  37. Lauren says:

    I was thinking about getting the gold one and now I’ve seen your photo’s I’m totally getting that one! Well, when I’ve finish saving for it at least x

  38. Monique says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting the golden iPhone, but changed my mind. It looks so pretty in your pictures, so I’ve changed my mind back again, lol.

    Monique of The Flair Society

  39. I am really waiting Christmas as well :)
    I have been eyeing this gold iPhone ever since it came out, but it sucks how the gold one is so much more expensive than the silver and black :/

  40. Alicia says:

    I would take the gold one too it’s so pretty and classy and all. By the way you are not the only one who’s waiting for christmas to come…. ;)

    • marianna marianna says:

      So nice to hear! I have a feeling there will be lots of christmas stuff coming up on my posts… :D

  41. Gemeladas says:

    Love your phone!!!


  42. Michelle says:

    Aw the new phone is so beautiful!

  43. maria anna pl says:

    vscocam!!!! it’s totaly awesome

  44. Daisy says:

    Try PicFX and Beautiful Mess!
    Such an amazing apps <3

  45. ainooo says:

    Wow vähän siisti toi iPhone!:) paljonko tommonen kultasena maksaa?

  46. ada says:

    pixlr express !! ihan paras

  47. Gita says:

    I mainly use VSCO cam for editing my pictures, apart from IG basics of course :).
    Golden iPhone is simly stunning, no doubts about that! Enjoy it :)!


  48. Good choice for the iPhone, I would have chosen exactly the same color, it looks so chic in gold!

  49. Love all the gold! I wish I could get a gold iPhone, but I feel as if I probably would get sick of it. I love gold, but the majority of things I own (jewlery etc) are silver.

    My favorite/most used editing apps are:

    -Beautiful Mess

    Take care
    ♡ xo

    CourtneyJanet @ http://bonviveurxo.blogspot.ca

    • marianna marianna says:

      I know what you mean, every person I think is either a gold or a silver person! :-D

      Thanks for the many tips, I’ll check them out! :)


  50. .dreamer says:

    i’m loving it ;) xoxo

  51. h* says:

    I love the Ted Barker purse!

  52. Mireille says:

    Aaah I love iPhones! Im so jealous now, beautiful design.

    xoxo Mireille

  53. vanessa says:

    if i had to choose one, i would definitely pick this one! good choice :) x


  54. Catherine says:

    Nice things ;)

  55. :) says:

    Afterlight on ehdottomasti paras kuvien muokkaamiseen!

    • marianna marianna says:

      Hei kiitos vinkistä, näyttää samaa suosittelevan muutama muukin, elikkä tää menee lataukseen! :)

  56. Looks great!
    I use Aviary and Camera Bag 2 for editing pictures for IG. They’re both free and pretty good :)

  57. Tina says:

    I love this new iPhone! Gold detail is amazing! And I love your bracelet! Where did you buy it? Could you write the name od the store? And the same where did you buy your beanie? You didnt write it and I must to know:)

  58. anon says:

    congrats to your iphone <3 where did you get this beautiful bracelet? :)

  59. kelsey says:

    i love the iPhone in gold, i hope they still have the gold iPhone on the next iPhone because i really want it in gold. my favorite editing apps are VSCO, afterlight and Studio

    • marianna marianna says:

      I’ve downloaded now VSCO, and it’s perfect! Thanks for the tips! I think I’ll try Afterlight too, looks like many here is using that one too :)

  60. Simone says:

    I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. What an evil thing to do. Hopefully nobody hurt you. I wish you all the best. Greetz from Germany.

  61. Gorgeous! Love your gold iphone! :)


  62. Anne says:

    I would have chosen the silver one, but I love this gold one too!

  63. Patricia says:

    Hey dear, that your cellphone is stolen is a bad thing but this new babe brighten it up. In germany the IPhoners use the app “a beautyful mess” for their instagram pictures, I like it a lot and wish it would be possible for my samsung too :)

    Wish you a lovley day.
    Lovley Patricia

  64. Liska says:

    Try Afterlight to edit! Love it.

  65. Anne says:

    Stylish Iphone ;)

  66. katie says:

    I think it is very stupid write article about new phone because it is that thing why your old phone could be stolen ;) but it is only my opinion :)

  67. minttu says:

    etsin yhtä tuttuani facebookissa ja törmäsin tähän profiiliin. Ajattelin linkata sinulle tämän ihan vain varmuuden vuoksi, vaikka ehkä tiesitkin tämän jo :)

    • marianna marianna says:

      Harmi noi facebookin feikkiprofiilit, en ollut tuohon törmännytkään. Kiitti kun ilmotit :)

  68. Magdalene says:

    I would choose the same color. Looks so pretty and luxurious xxx


  69. Veronika says:

    It’s great!
    I want to buy new cellphone in November and it’ll b probably Lenovo, I think Apple is too expensive but I understand it’s simply iphone. :)

  70. I’m waiting for my gold iPhone to come in!! I can’t wait! I think it’s so chic and such a great change from the other “safe” colors.

    As for editing apps: Color Effects, Pic Fx, Over, Squaready
    (just for a few haha)


  71. Lully says:

    Really beautiful !!!!

  72. Jessie says:

    I love the Pixlr app! I edit all my blog pictures with it.

    Love from Vancouver xo

  73. maria says:

    mistä tuo ihana avainpussikka on? olen kovasti koittanut etsiä tuollaista mutta hyvin huonolla menestyksellä.

  74. emzi says:

    On se kyl nätti! :D

  75. Oksana says:

    I use Camera+ and afterlight ;) highly recommended!
    Luv your new gold iPhone, i have 5 in white colour

  76. Vivi says:

    I can remember when my phone got stolen. I felt so weird without it :S
    Nice new phone though! Love the golden iPhone

    xx Vivi

  77. Inga says:

    extremely pretentious!!

  78. Goda says:

    Love your new phone, it looks the best in gold! :)


  79. That’s the colour I want! It’s gorgeous. Perfect and just in time for Christmas as you said, hehe.


  80. I like the color but Im not a fan of iPhone :)

  81. Sara G. says:

    OMG I love your phone and your gold accessories! Yea I think if I had the chance to buy an iPhone 5s I would have choseb this one because it is beautiful !! Love it


  82. epp says:

    that phone looks so amazing, it’s good you got it so now you don’t have to be sad anymore :)



  83. simo says:

    OH MY GOLD! well… I guess that if you get tired you can always buy a cover a bit more sober :)

  84. Janine says:

    love the gold iphone 5s!
    – Janine

  85. jasminvirtanen says:

    Oi että toi 5S on ihanan värinen ! Hieman harmittaa, että kerkesin jo ostaa syksyn alussa iPhone 5 :)

  86. valerie says:

    very pretty! now I have also started planning to buy golden iphone s5!


  87. Anett says:

    Golden iPhone is very amazing! By the way I started to wait for Christmas too :-).

  88. It is beautiful! And yes, very Christmas time :D

    Love, Maria

  89. ali says:

    one of the best photo apps i have found is Aiary. It has amazing options and they always bring out new filters that are pretty cheap.
    Cant wait to upgrade my iPhone 5 to the 5s. An LOVE the gold.

  90. Looks so simple and pretty <3~ now I feel like getting a clear case too c_c


  91. Callie says:

    camera+ all the way!

  92. Hanna says:

    Aivan pakko kysyä että mistä olet kaunokaisesilöytänyt, koska minäkin etsin omaani kuin haukka ja iPhone 5s juurikin kultaisena tuntuu olevan kaikkialta loppunut

  93. Rafaela says:

    the best apps EVER to edit pictures on iPhone are vsco cam and afterlight! trust me! :)

  94. Nadine says:

    You should try PicsArt, it´s free and has nice bokeh designs. :)

  95. Inês says:

    Hey Marianna,

    you should backup your iPhone data more often. In case you change iPhones you can restore everything, without losing any data (at least, no data since the last backup date :p)


  96. Melina says:

    I wish I had the 5S in gold … and btw I think the best editing program is picfx … it hast such nice filters :-)

  97. Noora says:

    Todella siisti!:)

  98. Marina says:

    Love this iphone !



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