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answers part two – workout & food


How often do you workout?

About 4 times a week. It gives me always such a good feeling, makes me happier and more energetic, so that’s why I like working out more often nowadays

What colour of Nike free run shoes do you like?

There are so many nice ones! My favorites atm are my leopard pattern ones with the coral details, but I’m hoping to find some hot pink ones next


What kind of workouts do you do?

Mostly gym and yoga. I do more strength training than cardio. Besides that I think I need that more, I also think it’s more fun. Everyday-life cardio is fun though (like laughing shopping and dancing ;D) and I’ll probably start jogging and doing power walks when it gets warmer. But yes mostly at the gym just strength training.

What´s your current fitness routine?

My gym program right now is ‘Arnold’s golden six’, which my brother fixed for me. In summary I train the big muscle groups from head to toe in one workout session, about three times a week. Chest, legs, arms, back, abs… And short warm-up and stretching. I’m not very familiar with workout vocabulary so there might be mistakes, but I do the basic things: squats and lunges, abs (plank and crunches), shoulder press, pull-downs and seated bench press (?). I like to vary a little bit the moves I do, but the basic muscle groups stay the same.


Can you tell us what are your favorite post and pre workout snacks?

Pre-snack: fruit, post-snack: smoothie or just a proper meal

How long do you usually workout?

For about one hour


Do you workout completely without makeup? I mean also base, eyebrows, mascara…

If I don’t have any makeup on and I’m going to the gym, then I go completely without it. But often I have already everyday make up on (base+one layer of mascara or so) then I don’t remove it before gym. So I don’t really care how I look at the gym, more important is that my workout clothes are nice and I feel good in them.

Do you think yoga is the best sport for a lean toned body?

I think mixing different sports is the best, and doing the ones you enjoy doing, then you get best result for mental and physical health :D


^ Workout log gifted from Fitnessguru. I love doing all kinds of lists and writing diary and all that, so it has been fun to start writing here my workouts!


^ A workout book I bought one month ago, written by the Swedish bloggers Sofi Fahrman and Julia Fors, I really like this! Nice pictures and good tips about exercising and eating and feeling good


What is your daily food? What do you usually eat at breakfast, lunch, breaks and dinner?

I eat rye-bread, smoothies, quark and berries, yoghurt and granola, basic home-cooked meals (including carbs), vegetables, fruits… I don’t want to sound like I have some eating plan or strict diet or anything, nooo way! :) Instead of the gym results or something I’m just looking for that good feeling, so I eat what I feel like eating and don’t make any rules. I also like yummy things and everything sweet, and I think there’s no problem or anything unhealthy eating those if the base of the diet is okay

Can you post a new recipe? I always like your food pictures and I need some inspiration. Have you got some suggestions for healthy recipes?

Thanks so much! I haven’t done that in a while, it could be time for a new one. But I usually just cook basic foods of ingredients I like, for example chicken/meat/fish with dark pasta/rice and vegetables, lately I’ve been doing lots of woks. I often also like adding some cheese to my meals, like cottage cheese or halloumi or feta. And dressings I’ve made myself, like with sour cream or turkish yoghurt, mixed with spices etc. Home-made hamburgers, and wraps and pizzas made with whole wheat tortillas are also healthy and delicious, and quite basic things in my kitchen!


Do you eat salads every day? Or how often?

I eat vegetables every day, but salads as meals not necessarily every day. I like to eat them when I’m lunching out with a friend, but when I cook at home I cook more normal meals rather than salads

Do you eat pizza?


What food you really don’t like?

Pea soup, raw fish and meat, spinach, and anything with cabbage

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  1. anon says:

    great answers, thank you for them <3 where is your gorgeous black gold gym bag from please?

  2. Mag says:

    I love your sport clothes!so colorful :)

  3. Nadine says:

    Schöne Fotos und interessante Antworten. Woher ist die graue Hose?

  4. Julie says:

    Those Nike’s are my favourite!!

  5. Tatiana says:

    i am now reading your posts you have wrote over four years and i have to say, that i am in love with every one od them. thank you for making my life more happier and inspiration!

  6. Anonymous says:

    where is your gym bag from?? please let me know, i love it!!

  7. Su nd Chris says:

    Great post, i enjoyed reading it :)
    Love your nikes :)

    xx Su

  8. Donna says:

    You need to check out for amazing, fashionable workout stuff!!

  9. Monika says:

    Love your shorts and leggings :)

    Great photos :))

  10. Loving how honest & to the point your questions seem. There was some interesting stuff in there! Like how you don’t like cabbage!

    The Fashann Monster

  11. Heather says:

    I love Victorias Secret sport workout gear! Seriously the best!

  12. Love the nike shoes!:)

  13. Buerliniii says:

    don’t drink cola please, it’s terribly unhealthy

  14. Chantelle says:

    Love these posts Mariannan!! And yes, please do more food ones!

  15. Andrea says:

    Hi, I have been checking out you blog for some time now and I must say I love it. It is so cozy, I love ur apartment and the lifestyle in Finland, which is super different than mine here in California. :)
    Andrea ( argentinean girl )

  16. I really like your photos, somehow very peaceful :)

    I also like the fact that you write about your life from all aspects and not only post outfit pics etc. Making a blog more personal is the way to make it interesting and that’s where I aim in my blog too!! ;)

    Check out my blog, I’m a Finn living an adventure abroad!

    X Ang Moh Chick

  17. Ilona says:

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and the pictures were very nice too. :) You’re so inspiring! <3

  18. Terhi says:

    Ihania kuvia tässä välissä aina ja oli kiva kuulla sun treenailusta : )

  19. Thank you for the answers it’s so inspiring for me. I love sweeties too and workaut every day:)
    Nice clothes I have to buy a similar shoes soon:D

  20. Sabina says:

    i really like posts like these♥ thanks for answers :)

  21. Berta says:

    Oh how I miss gym!

    Visit my site:

  22. Meli says:

    Wow, you’re so inspiring. I love your Blog. :)

    Where did you get the nice black bag?


  23. Catherine says:

    you’re great girl, my dear ;)

  24. Aww love your answers :D And I also have the book with Sofi!

  25. Alis says:

    This was a really interesting post :) I’ve just started a health kick and am working out 3-4 times a week now, makes me feel so much better! I would love it if you did some recipes for like a post work out smoothie or something?

  26. Love this post! And I just in love with all your workout clothes! <3

  27. AgataP says:

    love the nikes and gym bag! and u look sweeti that beanie <3

  28. Daniella says:

    That workout book sounds really great, I really want to get into strength training and toning more. Shall have to check out that book!
    Daniella x

  29. Elisa Dumont says:

    You’re amazing. My role model. Thanks to you, I feel comfortable in my skin. I never was comfortable with myself. I felt fat, and not beautiful at all. You bring the light inside me. Thanks you for being an amazing a role model.
    Much love, frrom Paris. x

  30. Wow amazing post :) ! I have to push myself into routine work out

  31. Your Nike shoes are truly gorgeous! Having nice sport clothes is always the best way to make a woman work out.

    I wish I was motivated enough to eat vegetables every day like you. I don’t think my eating habits are that horrible but more vegetables in my life wouldn’t hurt anyone. And I forgot to ask you this (and I’m sorry if you already talked about that) but is that your natural hair colour? Because it’s the exact colour I’d like to dye mine.

  32. Nina says:

    It’s ok to admit you work out to stay skinny as well. After all you do have a very public profile with your blog! It would be nice if you were a bit more REAL and stop presenting your life as a perfect, pink world… Except for that, i love your blog :-)

  33. Franzi says:

    You really have a great body, so your workout and eating manners seem to pay out. :) I’m really looking forward to springtime myself, because it will allow me to go to work by bike again and I’m really missing exercising in the fresh air. Good gyms can be so expensive… :(


  34. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy the book on line? I’m from Spain and I really want to read it in English. Is that possible? Thank you!!!! Love your blog ;)

  35. Delphine says:

    Hello Mariannan !

    I have got an other question, how do you remove hair ? Because your skin is always amazing !


    Delphine, les

  36. Erika says:

    Nam! Mistä saa noin hyvännäköistä salaattia?! :)

  37. Camille says:

    You made me want to go to the gym ahah

  38. Natalie says:

    You look great. Definitely need to copy a few of these for 2014. Nice post ♥

  39. Voguerka says:

    Lovely workout equipment :) With this stuff you must have much more motivation :)

    Kisses, Daria

  40. T. says:

    Great post! Those Nike shoes are cute!

  41. Chrissabella says:

    Great post, your workout gear is so cute and love your nikes!

    Greetings from London,

  42. Jay A. says:

    Me again… haha.

    Interesting facts about you, I myself work out 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) @ 6 am for about 30 minutes before starting my day. But I have a personal gym at home, so it’s easier that way. Nice to see another fitness enthusiast like yourself. Nothing more important than keeping a healthy body and a sharp mind. The only thing I don’t agree with you is on not eating spinach, personally I love the vegetable and sometimes even use it as a substitute for anything that requires lettuce, even salads. Cabbage is good too, try it in soups, it tastes better that way. Just saying. :-)

    Take care Marianna, keep smiling for us!


  43. Nuria says:

    Quite interesting! Keeping healthy habits is always the best way to be happy!

    Kisses from Spain.

  44. Julie's Way says:

    Thank you for your answers that will for sure helping me <3

  45. Lydia says:

    Haha I hate anything raw too…thanks for the Q&A answers, I’m inspired to live healthier and more organized! :)

  46. sasa says:

    Great Post about workout. Love it<3

  47. Pat says:

    Can you make a quick tutorial showing us how you make your perfect ponytail? I mean with the wisps on your ears you know what I mean? :D I like it a lot and everytime I do that it fails ;/

  48. fashionsbit says:

    great post and now we know more about you. I loved your gym clothes!

  49. Franka says:

    Could you please do a post about your sport routine and sport clothes/shoes/stuff? I know you answered a few quetions about it but I would really love a whole post dedicated to it! :)

  50. Milla says:

    Amazing pictures and work! You are a perfect blogger. :)

  51. scary says:

    Your hands are very thin…bones like from a ghost…too much sport and not enough to eat? I dont think, that this looks healthy.

  52. Anastasia says:

    you are such a big inspiration for all of us! you do a great job!

  53. Ida says:

    Moikka! Mistä tuo sun salikassi mahtaa olla :)? Aivan täydellinen!

  54. Tatjana says:

    I love your shoes!! They look so nice! 4 times a week … I wish I would workout that much but I’m so lazy and undisciplined it’s awful -__- but when I workout I love to workout in leggings because they are so comfortable and not too warm like tracksuit bottoms AND they are more flexible so you can move better. Furthermore stylish sports wear is always a good motivation to workout :)

    Lots of love
    Tatjana from

  55. emily says:

    I don’t think you deserve all the credit you get as a blogger, you say your job is blogging, yet you blog every 3 days or something …….

  56. Recently, I have become very interested in sports and really love reading all training-related posts in blogs these days. Inspiration is always welcome, a great post indeed! :)

  57. simply_love1 says:

    Hi, where did you get your couch?

  58. Kim says:

    Great post, lovely workout gear and totally inspiring!


  59. Sivi says:

    Mistä tuo musta treeni laukku on ja paljonko oli hintaa ? Itsellä on etsinnässä :D

  60. unea says:

    Please tell us where your bag is from!!!! Thank you!

  61. Virginie says:

    Great post :) It’s interesting to learn things about you!
    Have a nice weekend!
    xxxx Virginie

  62. Emma says:

    What are some of your favourite blogs? Xx

  63. Nastia Ferra says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for answers!

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