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Back to Turkey stories! This was the most beautiful restaurant where I’ve ever been to, without a doubt. Flowers, lights, butterflies, candles, turquoise sea, kind local people, somehow so cozy and home-made atmosphere. Hard to put into words how the feeling was there that night, it was like a fairytale. Drinking cold white wine, enjoying the great company, eating mezes and tasting so many different new things. Needless to say food was amazing. At some part of the night we got rose petals thrown upon us, sounds crazy, but since we felt already like living in a fairytale, in that moment it felt perfectly normal. (Or maybe a couple glasses of wine did it’s job?) I’m so grateful I got to attend this trip, this night especially I will remember always! Experiencing and discovering local unique places is one of the best things about traveling. Makes even more hungry for adventures and seeing new places.

In case someone is curious, the restaurant was called Melengec, it was located in seaside village Gümüşlük.
The pictures of me are taken by Kira / Blond Rivets, thank you for being a great outfit photographer during the trip!

Turkkitarinoihin taas! Tämä oli kaunein ravintola missä olen ikinä ollut. Kaikkialla lyhtyjä, kynttilöitä, erilaisia koristeita ja kukkia. Ystävällisiä ihmisiä ja ihana tunnelma. Vaikea pukea sitä sanoiksi, mutta jotenkin kaikesta tuli niin kotoisa ja itse tehty fiilis. Ruoka oli uskomattoman hyvää, ne ties kuinka monet erilaiset meze-annokset, joita tuntui ilmestyvän pöytään aina vain lisää ja lisää. Kylmä valkoviini kruunasi kaiken. Tai ehkä loistava seura. Kaikki yhdessä teki aivan täydellisen illan. Vielä jälkeenkin päin kun miettii, tuntuu kuin olisi tuon yhden illan elänyt jossain sadussa. Jossain vaiheessa iltaa saatiin kokea ruusujen terälehtisadekin, siinä satumaailmafiiliksessä ei sitä moni tainnut meistä edes ihmetellä. Tätä iltaa en kyllä unohda ikinä!

Jos jota kuta kiinnostaa paikka tarkemmin, niin ravintola oli Melengec nimeltään ja sijaitsee Bodrumissa Gümüşlük kalastajakylässä.
Asukuvistani kiitos kuuluu Kiralle, oli kyllä iso apu mun matka-asujen kuvailussa!


Trip to Bodrum was arranged and offered by tourism and travel agency of Turkey

Bodrumin matkan järjesti ja tarjosi Turkin valtion kulttuuri- ja matkailutoimisto

80 Responses to “dinner by the sea”

  1. Natali says:

    Lucky you! Everything looks so magical and you look very beautiful and feminine in this outfit :)

  2. Anna says:

    Wow, such flawless pictures Marianna! :) Your pictures are always so professional. This place looks so fancy, I’m really speechless. Might be a great place for a wedding or something else. :) about your outfit. Such a classic combo, black and white ;) where’s your clutch from?

    I hope you’re just very busy at the moment, because there are no instagram posts, and nothing happened! :( Take care, weekend is near. x

  3. Irm. says:

    Beautiful photos :)

  4. Ann-Christin says:

    Gosh, it looks like a perfect evening – lucky you! :)

  5. Reelika says:

    Such amazing atmosphere! When I read your description about the evening I was literally feeling everything myself. How I wish to have an evening like this in real life, too!
    You look beautiful. I can’t get enough of these heels. So lovely!

    Take care!

  6. becool says:

    beautiful photos! You look stunning!

  7. Emma says:

    Beautiful scenery, seems amazing!!

  8. Noush says:

    Wow amazing pics, this place looks so pretty !

  9. Wonderful photos! I liked the way you described that place and atmosphere :)

  10. Omur says:

    I’ve been to the same restaurant last summer. You’re pictures reminded me exactly the athmosphere and the taste of the food. Happy that you’ve enjoyed.

  11. Voguerka says:

    Ohhh my! This is paradise! I want to go there and spend the rest of my life in this beautiful place :)

    You look lovely, so fresh and happy :)


  12. Nancy says:

    Wow! That restaurant is SO beautiful! You captured it very well! :)

  13. Natty says:

    So beautiful photos!

  14. Courtney says:

    I love the simple chicness of this outfit-and the photos are gorgeous(:

  15. Fabulous photos! What camera do you use?

  16. Vivi says:

    Omg, so magical and so beautiful! Really looks like a fairytale… <3

  17. Really beautiful place to have dinner. Looks a treat!

    War of The Roses

  18. Melissa says:

    This looks absolutely beautiful! Honestly, looks like a dream x

  19. Fiona says:

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! So picturesque. It looks so relaxing :) Hope you enjoyed it!


  20. Anna says:

    What a lovely Place. Lucky You :)
    I Love your skirt, it’s so nice.

    Best anna from

  21. Hemylle says:

    What a cozy place! <3

  22. Maja says:

    So gorgeous! This place looks truly stunning :) And so do you- love your chic outfit :) xx Maja

  23. Janina says:

    Wow this place looks amazing!
    XO Janina

  24. Isabelle says:

    Wow! So nice skirt. I love it!! And wonderful place too.

  25. This place looks absolutely incredible! I love your outfit as well. :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oliko noi kengät hyvät jalassa? On niin nätit.

  27. katariina says:

    toivottavasti kysymys ei ole liian henkilökohtainen, oletko ottanut silikonit?

  28. N.S. says:

    Does anybody know the lenses used with the camer? Thanks in advance )))

  29. Beautiful location! Love your top and skirt :)


  30. This is so beautiful. I really wish the weather here was that nice right now! The food looks so good too! I hope there’s more photos of Turkey to come!

    The Fashann Monster

  31. Alexandra says:

    This is easily one of the most stunning photo sets I’ve seen on a blog. What a gorgeous restaurant! The flowers, the ocean, the beautiful saturated colors. Just stunning. And, your shoes are perfect! After a decade I retired my pointy toes black pradas due to… wear… so I’m seriously hunting black stilettos right now.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  32. Monika says:

    The place is so incredible! And you, as always, look gorgeous :)

  33. Leesa says:

    wow, such amazing pics!

  34. Niiin upeita kuvia!!

  35. Kaja says:

    Yur trip looks amazing! and this place is just sunning!

  36. Caro says:

    Wow that really looks like you guys had a magical night. The arrangement just looks absolutely beautiful. These pictures really make me want to go there, so that’s now on my to do list ;-)

  37. Marie says:

    Your pictures are all very nice, as usual.
    Your blog has been the first one that I’ve been following for 2 years. I now have my own blog. But this is thanks to you :)
    Great job :)

  38. Kira says:

    Noin upeasta mallista on helppo ottaa kauniita kuvia! <3

  39. Carian says:

    Beautiful photos Marianna! I absolutely can imagine that you felt like you were living in a fairy tale for a moment.
    I was wondering where you got that skirt from? It’s lovely.

    X Carian

  40. Sasha says:

    Woow this place looks amazing!

  41. Pinjis says:

    Millä putkella ja asetuksilla nuo sinusta otetut kuvat ovat kuvattu? :)

  42. Lydia says:

    I love your skirt! And the restaurant looks sooo beautiful!

  43. barbara-era says:

    Very Beautiful !!

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    Would you be interested in an interview?
    If so, please email:

  45. Em says:

    Beautiful ♥

  46. It all looks breathtaking! What a gorgeous location and what a cozy atmosphere. There is such a romantic and dreamy vibe in these pictures. You really make the most beautiful decoration and food pictures, the are seriously book-worthy.

    I love the simple but classy outfit you’re wearing. The top is a great basic piece to have in your closet!

    Have a great weekend!

    X Sara

  47. Ashley says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love how simple, yet sophisticated your outfit is too! Glad things have warmed up a bit, temperature-wise for you :)


  48. Rai S says:

    Looks like such a beautiful dinner!

  49. Leanne says:

    Absolutely beautiful. The decor looks like a fairytale and the mezes look incredibly delicious. A rose petal throwing must have been wonderful. So lovely to see you had such a great time!

    Love from South Africa

  50. Amazing photos sweetheart !!!! Love them all.

    Have a great weekend


  51. Eline says:

    Gorgeous setting!!

  52. Eline says:

    Such a gorgeous setting! You captured it well :)

  53. I love your outfit, and your shoes : Splendid!!!!

  54. CLHER says:

    WOW, this place was beautiful, and your outfit was so perfect, i really love it!

    We are back in our blog for summer, help us to improve! thanks a million

  55. Kiia says:

    Aivan upean näköinen paikka! Toivottavasti muistan tämän jos joskus tuonnepäin maailmaa eksyn :)

  56. Alessia says:

    Looks so romantic place to have dinner! I hope that you are having great time there!


  57. Emi & Kimi says:

    love the look. such pretty photos!

  58. Annie says:

    You are such a skilled photographer Mariannan!

  59. Janine says:

    What beautiful scenery!!

    Janine Maral from

  60. Masha says:

    Beautiful photos.Love your blog,Mariannan

  61. Monika says:

    Beautiful photos :)
    Love your outfit!

  62. Eneli says:

    Wow, this place looks really unique and dreamy! So lovely photos and I really can feel the atmosphere :)

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  64. Dresseos says:

    Lovely pics!! you are so beautiful

  65. Kate says:

    Wow! this place looks so beautiful!

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