Monday July 28 2014

13 random facts about me


1. My enthusiasm towards working out comes and goes, but I’ve always enjoyed doing sports, so I try to keep it as some kind of routine for me. But it’s simply out of wanting to feel good. I’ll choose a night out with friends over gym anytime, even if it meant one week lasting hangover and just laying in bed. (I still hope I’ll never experience that.) In summertime I have to admit I’ve been rarely seen at the gym, maybe once or twice, but I’m not feeling guilty, I’d rather be outdoors and wait for the autumn yoga mood to come back.

2. I love super sweet sugary tasting drinks. I get so often laughed at for this! When I’m being asked what that pink drink is, yes it probably is something like strawberry lime candycotton champagne cider. If it means you’ll be an adult when you learn to drink red wine, I’ll never grow up. My excuse is that I get a headache from that though, happens to be true! On my opinion red wine is made for sangria, but that’s just a sneaky way to get the same headache.


3. I feel like Peter Pan some way. I feel sometimes like living in my own world. In a good way, alone but not lonely kind of way. Or maybe I just think too much and have too colorful imagination.

4. Almost all my friends are living in a stable lasted-since-highschool-relationship, knowing they are with someone they want to marry. Makes me feel like that green coated flying forever young creature even more. Hard to imagine not being single. But I’m truly happy for my friends and the same time happy for me, everything is good just like this. (Until a hot stranger comes in my life one day and messes up my independent single life, perhaps Jude Law, or maybe David Beckham if he loses the beard… Oh and the wife)


5. I have only a few best friends, but in real friends quality over quantity. I don’t think there could be any dark secret I couldn’t tell them about, real friends don’t judge and only push you forward through hard times.


6. It brings me joy when a spontaneous idea comes in my mind, no matter how silly or crazy or unlogical it is, and I decide to turn plans into action. Like learning something new, finding a new place somewhere, creating something new. Anything, if it means discovering something new. I want to learn and grow, not get caught in the same circles.

7. I’m interested in architecture and one dream job for me as a little girl was to design houses and also interior design. Then I found out I didn’t love math enough.


8. Designing houses reminds me… I’ve had a craving to play the sims for a long time now. Is it weird wanting to buy a new computer so it could run the sims? // Update: I did buy a new computer. Guess what was the first thing I downloaded and installed…

9. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to computers and technology. I was actually just considering between two computers at an apple store and asking the guy about them which one I should get and ended up arguing about the qualities.

10. My mum works in that kind of area – web design – which might have something to do with being slightly nerdy.


11. When I was a kid I read many of those create your own website -books, eventually maybe led to creating my first blog.

12. I was anonymous on my first blog, I thought I’d never reveal my face and true name. And when I got noticed for being that girl from the blog for the first time at a grocery store it was really close I stopped blogging, it freaked me out. I wouldn’t have believed it in million years if someone told me blogging would become my job one day. I need to put a post-it on my wall to remind myself to be grateful!

13. 13 is my lucky number. I was born 13th October which is maybe why I first decided it’s a good number. I don’t know if it has ever brought any luck, I’ve just decided it’s a good number. And that’s why I decided to stop these facts right here, good karma for my post…


random pictures of summer 2014

Friday July 25 2014

country life














Life at the countryside is still good and easy, not missing the city life just yet. But I probably know in the back of my mind, that I have all year to enjoy that soon again, before I come back to these beautiful views here. Yesterday I found myself at our local small supermarket in my PJ pants and birkenstock sandals. The kind of PJ pants that can’t be mistaken for normal pants. Scary thing is I felt comfortable instead of embarrassed, that was a moment I started to question have I been away from the city for too long. Hahah. But could have been worse, the point I find myself outside the house with no pants at all, that’s time for someone to shake me. These pictures of me here are taken at 10PM, it’s amazing how light it is almost all day. Only a couple hours dark after midnight, and then light again. The straw hat and bag are some old ones found at our summer house, and the dress is from Florida. Only makeup lipgloss and hair undone. Tomorrow going back home, so now I’ll enjoy the last bits of this and do all the must-things. Swimming and sauna, finishing my book, and… We’ll see! Not planning too much have turned out to be refreshing. Have an amazing Friday night all, remember to relax! And wear pants.

Mökillä kaikki hyvin. Vielä ei oo ikävä normaalia kaupunkielämää, varmaan osittain siks kun tiedän että siitä saa nauttia taas seuraavan vuoden ensi kesään asti, kun taas pääsee näihin maisemiin, elämään tälläisen mökkiviikon. Eilen havahduin lähiruokakaupassa siihen, että mulla oli jalassa yöhousut + birkenstockit. Sellaiset yöhousut, jotka ei normihousuista menisi läpi vahingossakaan. Sellaiset, joilla poistutaan kotoa korkeintaan viemään roskia, mieluiten keskellä yötä. Siinä vaiheessa kävi mielessä, että onko viikko mulle henkisesti kuitenkin liian pitkä aika, hahah. No ehken mä ole ihan täysin höperöitynyt, kuvissa asutodisteet! Hattu ja laukku löytöjä mökiltämme, mekko Floridasta. Muuten meikittömyyden pelastajia huulikiilto ja aurinkolasit. Huomenna takaisin kotiin, nyt vielä saunaan ja uimaan, luen ehkä kirjani loppuun, ja ja… Kerrankin saa toivottaa aurinkoista viikonloppua, nyt ei varmaan Suomessa löydy paikkaa jossa ei paistaisi!