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end of october


Outfit pictures, long time no see! Could say the same about sunny weather. I’m happy now I decided to take camera with me yesterday, when I was going to an art/jewelry exhibition and after that coffee with my friend in the city. After my trip – getting sick and staying home and feeling shocked about the cold weather and other boring excuses – I felt so uninspired when it comes to dressing up. Now I feel the inspiration coming back! Like a bear waking up from winter sleep and realizing ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s the season of Christmas and coziness! Seriously I’m so excited about the fact that it’s the last day of October. November is the month when I can slowly let my inner Christmas freak come out! Well I’ve already started pinning wintery pictures but that doesn’t count. I’m so waiting to hang string decor lights somewhere up in my home, light more candles in the evenings, start browsing through christmassy home magazines, start drinking glogg and wait for the snow. Start using all kind of boots and coats and wrap myself in big scarves, and when coming home using those scarves as blankets. Cuddle up in the sofa with homemade chai latte. I’ll slow down now, it’s not November yet. 31th October, today must be the official day of Halloween? I remembered that while walking by a costume store near my home, people were lining on the street to get in. Whether you’ll spend this Friday partying or maybe staying home and watching horror movies, have a great night all! ♥

Asukuvia pitkästä aikaa! Ja aurinkoista ilmaa pitkästä aikaa sitäkin. Onneksi nappasin eilen kameran mukaan mennessäni erääseen koru/taidenäyttelyyn, ja siitä vielä kahvittelemaan kaverini kanssa, syksyiset asukuvat ovat olleet aika vähissä. Reissun jälkeen flunssassa ja kylmästä ilmasta järkyttyneenä oli inspiraatio pukeutumisen suhteen erittäin hukassa, mutta nyt tuntuu että se pikkuhiljaa tulee takaisin. Aika opetella taas meikkaamaan ja näyttämään ihmiseltä? Ei vaan, mutta oon niin paljon kivoja talvitakkeja ja bootseja taas penkonut esille ja järjestellyt eteistä uuteen uskoon, että kyllä sitä jaksaa talvipukeutumisestakin innostua! Innostunut oon myös siitä, että tänään on jo lokakuun viimeinen päivä. Marraskuu, silloin on lupa aloittaa fiilistelemään joulujuttuja jo pikku hiljaa, eikö vaan? Pinterestissäni saattaa tämä odotus jo näkyä, mutta sitähän ei lasketa. Odotan jo nyt, että pääsen ripustamaan kotiini pallovalot ja keittämään ensimmäiset glögit. Selailemaan jouluisia kotilehtiä ja haahuilemaan Stockan joulukoristeosastolle. Nyt kuitenkin eka vietetään tämä lokakuun viimeinen päivä Halloween-tunnelmissa, sen muistin juuri kotini viereisen naamiaiskaupan ohittaessa, jono ulottui ihan kadulle asti. Miten sitten vietättekin halloweenin, juhlien tai kauhuleffoja katsellen tai normiperjantaita viettäen, niin kivaa iltaa kaikille! ♥










Coat French Connection (similar here & here)
Beanie Stockmann (similar here)
Scarf Acne (similar here & here)
Boots Zio (similar here)
Bag Chanel (similar here)


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  1. Faux Pas says:

    Oh Marianna, you look more beautiful every time x

  2. rachel says:

    Is this coat still available for French Connection?

  3. Noush says:

    In France it’s still summer, it’s so warm for october, and almost november… It’s cool but I really miss beanies and scarfs and a hot chocolate with a cosy plaid ! I can’t wait to be in winter haha :)

  4. Deanna says:

    Love this post (especially your ACNE scarf!) and your renewed enthusiasm Marianna! I covet your impeccable fall/winter style. Have a fantastic weekend!


  5. Nadja says:

    Your Chanel purse is perfect! So glad you decided to get it <3

  6. Q says:

    Nice coat!… love the mix of textures on it.x

  7. Rachelle says:

    You are the cutest and I need to save for that bag I love it so much.


  8. nueyork says:

    I love the coat so, so much!

  9. Lia says:

    The coat suits you so well! Loving the scarf as a pop of color :)
    So what are you up to this evening? Partying or are you not a Halloween-loving kind of person?
    Lots of love, Lia

  10. Laura says:

    Nice outfit! Where is the ring from?

  11. Emma says:

    adorable pom Pom hat !

  12. Sim says:

    I love every piece of this outfit!

  13. Martina says:

    You are so sweet! And the Chanel bag – OMG love it! <3

  14. Leesa says:

    Such a beautiful coat! Looks so cosy and wintery!

  15. Natali says:

    Classy and cozy outfit! Beautiful bag, perfect choice!

  16. Sabina B says:

    You look so cute with the beanie! :) Love this look, especially the coat and the scarf!

  17. Tinja says:

    Ihana asu! Oot tosi tyylikäs :)

  18. Tita says:

    I absolutely love the coat! I don’t like wearing dark clothes in winter as it already is dark and dull outside so I want some colours to brighten the mood. I would love to have one, I am just afraid to get one as I fear the smog would quickly make it appear dirty.

  19. Lovely Marianna! I’m happy to hear you’re feeling a lot better! And yes, the Christmas countdown can really begin now! I’m so excited!
    I still love that coat so much, I love the different fabrics that were used in it and the soft colors. And that Chanel, what can I say… to die for! <3

    X Sara

  20. Lydia says:

    Love your coat, looks so cozy x

  21. julia says:

    love this outfit and your make up in this pictures!

  22. Liisa says:

    Voi näytät tosi kauniilta näissä kuvissa! Ihana asu, varsinkin tuo takki! :)

  23. Anna says:

    *insert cheerleading smiley here* yay finally a new outfit posts :) I missed them so much! But of course getting well was your first priority, and yeah sometimes you feel too lazy and uninspired to dress yourself up :) i know this feeling very good! i had a cold during the last week and i always wore the first thing i found in my closet :D you look great Marianna! :) I’m glad you’re back on track. I missed your regular posts. My Friday will be extremely relaxing, I’m going to cook later and then my boyfriend and me will have a Breaking Bad night! :D yay! Enjoy your Friday dear Marianna! :) <3

    • marianna marianna says:

      More outfits coming definitely! :) Hope you had a nice night, at least that sounds perfect! <3 Thank you Anna!

  24. Love the white coat and th zipper detailed boots! Great cozy chic look!

  25. laura says:

    It’s a beautiful outfit! Really like it.
    And I always love your blogposts! <3

  26. Vanessa says:

    absolutely adorable outfit. Love the hat. So cute. xoxo Vanessa

  27. Veronika says:

    Such a beaztiful outfit! You look cute in this kind of cap. :)
    Love your boots and coat!

  28. Love the zipper detail on the boots! You look so warm and cozy! :)


  29. Sarah says:

    I just love this look, especially the bag and the coat! Beautiful!

    x Sarah

  30. Jessie says:

    love that cute little beanie!

  31. Diana says:

    Super cute outfit!!

    xoxo, Diana

  32. Anca says:

    The hat is so cute!!!

  33. cami says:

    That Bag!

  34. Gabriela says:

    Im a little freak about upcoming Christmas too:D:D I just can’t wait to see the lights and everything♥

  35. Nikki says:

    You look gorgeous!! Love your coat, it’s beautiful:) X

  36. Marianna says:

    Your outfits are always amazing!!!!
    Love this one!!

  37. Aneta says:

    Total in love!!!! Perfect outfit <3

  38. Nomi says:

    Toi laukku <3 Niiiin täydellinen!!

  39. Teresa says:

    Perfect outfit and the bag is the best!

    heartbeat blog

  40. Kaja says:

    I love your coat! it looks great with the leather pants and your new bag is of course beautiful!

  41. NIna Sax says:

    I love your boots ! :-)
    and white is very nice on you even in winter, great look !

  42. NIna Sax says:

    I love your boots ! :-)
    and white is very nice on you even in autumn great look !

  43. Getup and Go says:

    I’m in love with every part of this outfit! I love the color scheme and the little ball on top of the beanie is so cute! You’re writing has gotten me extremely excited for the holiday season! xx

  44. Anonymous says:

    I love your fashion pic!!
    Your beanie is so cool ;-)

    xo Jill

  45. Joana says:

    Stunning look!!

    ♥ Joana

  46. Jenny says:

    I really like bobble hats this year- I’ve just blogged one that has two bobbles so is a bit Minnie Mouse! The coatis chic and perfect with the Chanel, and those boots will go with everything so will be the ideal investment for A/W I reckon

  47. Eline says:

    Probably one of my fav winter looks of you ever!

  48. Alex says:


    I also like your coat. I'm looking for a white one and this seems perfect!

    xx Alex

  49. Beautiful look! In love with your coat :)


  50. uuu says:

    eipä taida sullakaan aitoa chanelia nähnykkään tuo :-D kumma juttu,jos dubaista ostettu ;)

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