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berlin shopping


So, I went a little crazy at All Saints… Last time I shopped there it was in the exact same store in Berlin, about two years ago. Now the reunion was a little, uhmm, dramatic for my wallet. I found for example these three pairs of jeans. Dark ones, white ones and light blue ones.

Saatoin vähän seota All Saintsilla… Viime kerran kun siellä tein ostoksia, oli se juurikin samassa liikkeessä Berliinissä, parisen vuotta sitten. Nyt jälleennäkeminen oli aika, hmm, lompakolle dramaattinen. Löysin muunmuassa kolmet farkut: tummat, valkoiset ja siniset.


And this leather jacket. Softest leather ever.

Sekä tämän nahkatakin. Pehmeintä nahkaa mitä olen kokeillut!

berlinshopping3   Light grey knit and a black silk t-shirt, both again from All Saints.

Vaalean harmaa neule ja musta silkki t-paita, molemmat All Saintsista myös. berlinshopping4

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in navy blue and white. I’ve had my eye on these for such a long time, now finally they’re mine!

Adidaksen Stan Smithien ostoa olin pitkään jo harkinnut tummansinisillä yksityiskohdilla, no nytpä ne on viimein mun!


Lovely smelling lotion from & other stories. I love their bath and body products!

Ihanantuoksuinen voide & other storiessista. 

I’m happy about all of these, clever shopping I think! If I had to choose a favorite, it’d be either the leather jacket or the sneakers… What’s your favorite?

Olenpa tyytyväinen ostoksiini! Jos pitäisi suosikkijuttu valita, olisi se varmaankin nahkatakki taikka sneakerit… Mikäs teidän mielestä oli paras ostokseni?

40 Responses to “berlin shopping”

  1. Abdullah Teke says:

    What ya get me :p

  2. Lauren says:

    I love All Saints too and have the black skinny jeans. I really like that style of trainers, I want the Isabel Marant ones x

  3. Simply Pink says:

    Great choices! Love the leather jacket!

    xx, Sofia

  4. Can´t wait to see these in todays outfit :D

  5. Aneta says:

    My fav is the leather jacket! It looks so perfect, but also like the jeans as well. It’s always so nice to spoil yourself once in a while:)

  6. Minttu says:

    Mä oon lähdössä torstaina Berliiniin ja toivon löytäväni Adidaksen mustaraitaiset All Starit sieltä. Ne on ollut totaalisen loppu täältä Tukholmasta ja kaikista mahdollisista nettikaupoista, mutta toivottavasti Berliinistä löytyy… :)

  7. Anna says:

    Oi ihania löytöjä! Rakastan sun paitoja niin aiemmissakin postauksissa kun näitä uusia, ihanan yksinkertaisia mutta kaikke muuta kuin tylsiä!

  8. Michele says:

    These are really pretty things you purchased. Nice leather jacket. Now I really want to get the Stan Smith Sneakers.:)

  9. Natali says:

    Absolutely LOVE your new leather jacket! All Saints is such a great store for great looking and quality basic pieces.

  10. Pinja says:

    Aivan ihania ostoksia! Nahkatakki on munkin lemppari :)

  11. Caro says:

    All Saints it’s such a nice store and they have really great quality. I think my favorite would also be either the leather jacket or the stan smith. I have actually been debating about getting some stan smith for myself for quite some time now, maybe it’s time to finally get them now :-)

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      They do, I love that shop too! Thanks so much Caro :) And oh I’m in love with those sneakers, so happy that I decided to buy them, so comfy too! So yes I recommend ;)

  12. tanja says:

    Gosh, the leather jacket looks like your leather jacket from zara. I wouldn’t have bought this if I had almost the same one!

  13. elsie says:

    Nice new items you’ve got. You won’t regret buying these stan smiths, they walk so smooth and fit with almost every outfit!

  14. jookea says:

    love the shoes!! and the lotions from & other stories smells incredible :)

    xx from Germany

  15. irmi says:

    why are you always talking about buying less and be more thoughtful on your boughts and then again all you do is shopping shopping shopping
    you don’t need it and thats annoying

    • K says:

      I’m not a hater, I quite like the blog, but the content gets a bit repetitive. I’d love to read some reviews of the places, restaurants, museums etc that you visit on your travels, not just see another pair of new jeans. You have the amazing opportunity to travel to so many wonderful places, don’t limit your writing to just new stuff – all these materialistic posts, just smh.
      I can imagine that luxury travel is fun, hey, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ if I’d get the chance, but traveling on a budget in Chinese villages and seeing how the majority of the people actually lives in the world – I think it really made me reevaluate some things in life. Maybe you should consider making a trip like that as well, see HOW your jeans are made in some of the factories and by whom and then think, why you need 3 pairs of them to match your sneakers.
      Once again, this isn’t about me hating or blaming you about your good fortunes… I think you’re a clever girl, Marianna – use the possibilities you have wisely. :)

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      I’m buying more clever, things that I can see myself using years from now :) And my cloth size has changed a bit so new jeans were a good buy! x

  16. Love your adidas shoes, they look super pretty especially when they are kept clean and pearly white;p thanks for sharing I enjoy reading this post. Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  17. Michelle says:

    Fy favorite is the leather jacket or all three pair of jeans! :) Lovely shopping dear!

  18. Bri says:

    I love All Saints and all your purchases. I’ve been also eyeing some body care products from &other stories, their Arabesque Wood products smell just amazing, you should try it next time!

    With Love,

  19. I have to find my old Superstars :)


  20. Oh God, I want those sneakers in navy blue too! But everywhere I look they don’t have my number. Anyway, awesome pieces and photos, dear!

    Love, Maria
    Marie Roget

  21. Silvi says:

    Awesome purchases! Enjoy every bit of them. I am inlove with the leather jacket <3

  22. Nadine says:

    I really like the things that you bought in Berlin. I already missed these shopping posts at your blog.
    I think my favourites are the sneakers and the lotion from &otherstories. I really like their products, they just smell amazing. A few weeks ago I bought the body scrub fleur de mimosa from &otherstories, it smells sooo good.

    Greetings from Germany xx

  23. Marie says:

    Lovely thinhs! Where’s that heat necklace from the last picture from? It’s amazing! x

  24. Linda says:

    Ihania löytöjä! Voi vitsi jos itekin pääsis ulkomaille shoppailemaan <3

  25. camille says:

    The leather jacket is absolutely beautiful

  26. Vika says:

    Are those sneakers from men’s section?
    Want them for a while but can’t find in women’s.

    Hi from Belarus! ;)

  27. Ana Carolina says:

    Can I just say that I probably would have bought everything you did too? Loved every piece! Hahaha


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