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tornado warning


Today it was quite interesting day. We were about to go take outfit pictures to the beach nearby, but right before leaving our cellphones beeped saying that there’s an emergency alert: “Tornado warning in this area. Take shelter now.” So no photo shoots, now that would have been the most dangerous one I’ve had for my blog. Soon it started raining like crazy, and the wind was just… no words, it was bad. You could see the dark clouds coming closer and closer, I gotta admit I was a little scared. The fire alarms started yelling and it seemed like a chaos outside. But luckily that didn’t last for too long, and we stayed safe inside. While watching the tornado news on TV and the estimated times at what time it would pass which area. First tornado I’ve ever seen, and hopefully the last one!

Tänään oli aika mielenkiintoinen päivä. Oltiin kaverini kanssa juuri lähdössä kuvailemaan rannalle, kun kännykkämme piippasivat samaan aikaan hätätiedotteesta. Alueellemme oli tulossa tornado ja käskettiin suojautua. Vähän pelästyttiin, siinä olisi ollut blogihistoriani vaarallisimmat kuvaukset. Parissa minuutissa alkoi satamaan hulluna ja tuuli oli aika sanoinkuvaamattoman hirveä. Palmun oksia lenteli, palovaroittimet alkoivat ujeltamaan, ulkona näytti olevan kaaos. Pysyteltiin sisällä ja seurattiin uutisista tornadon etenemistä ja tarkkoja aikoja milloin se tulisi meidän kohdalle. Hrr elämäni ensimmäinen tornado, ja toivon mukaan viimeinen.


Early on on this trip we named our trip’s theme to be “now that was close”. Seriously there have been so many situations. First there dropped a really heavy metallic mannequin from a high shelf like 10 cm away from me. Next I almost forgot my phone to a restaurant (I did) but luckily got it back. Then there was a purchase that I ordered to be here in the beginning of my trip, but it came today the last minute. I was sure it wouldn’t make it, there was even a wrong address and no code for the gate or any phone numbers. And today it was so close that we would have been out taking pictures when there was a tornado coming. Just to name a few of many that was close moments. But I wouldn’t change any minute of this week, it’s been still so much fun.

Jo viikkoni alussa nimettiin kaverini kanssa tämä matka läheltä piti -matkaksi. Oikeasti läheltä piti tilanteet ovat jatkuneet päivästä toiseen. Kaikki alkoi korkealta hyllyltä pudonneesta painavasta metallisesta mallinukesta, joka tippui kymmenen sentin päähän minusta. Meni siinä hyllyä korjannut myyjäkin sanattomaksi. Seuraavaksi unohdin puhelimeni ravintolaan, jonka ihme kyllä sain takaisin. Tänään saapui tänne kotiovelle myös viime hetkellä eräs paketti, jonka olisi pitänyt tulla jo matkani alkuvaiheessa, mutta juuri ehti ennen lähtöäni. Vaikkei heillä ollut edes oikeaa osoitetta saatika portin koodia. Mutta läheltä piti, ehti se. Ja tänään oltiin menossa kuvaamaan tornadon aikaan rannalle, hahah. Olisi siinä saanut ihmetellä mitä ulkona tapahtuu. Mutta enpä vaihtaisi matkasta hetkeäkään, ollut sydämentykytyksistä huolimatta ihana matka.


These pictures here were taken yesterday, when I wore a new top from Urban Outfitters. Ribbed and so super soft, with slits on the sides and on the sleeves. When I’m home I could do that traditional shopping post, or at least show the best things found here, or?

Nämä kuvat tässä otettiin eilen, päällä oli uusi Urban Outfittersiltä löytynyt superpehmeä ribbipaita, jossa on sivuilla ja hihoissa halkiot. Kotona voisin ehkä kuvailla vähän muitakin ostoksia.


One of my favorite restaurants here ^! I love the seaside view, the food, and this also on evening when it’s dark and colorful lights are glowing.

Satamassa yksi suosikkiravintoloistani täällä ^! Merinäkymä on ihana, ruoka herkullista, ja illallakin niin tunnelmallinen, kun värikkäät valot hohtavat pimeässä.




Now I’ll finish packing, then after five hours of sleep time to head to the airport. Again first flying to JFK and then Helsinki. Funny leaving on early Saturday morning, and arriving home Sunday morning. But more later then! x

Nyt pakkaan loppuun, sitten viiden tunnin yöunien jälkeen lähtö kentälle. Ensin taas lento Nyciin, siitä Helsinkiin. Hassua lähteä aikaisin lauantaiaamuna, ja tulla kotiin sunnuntaiaamuna. Mutta lisää siispä myöhemmin! x

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  1. Natali says:

    Oh wow! What a trip!? Talking about having bad/ good luck at the same time! Well, I’m glad to read that you’re doing fine and that you did finish your trip with a smile on your face. :) Beautiful photos and a very cute outfit! Have a safe trip back home.

  2. Tammie says:

    I would love a shopping post with all your new items :)

  3. Stella says:

    Too bad with the misfortunes but sometimes we all had a trip that didn’t go as perfect as we wanted.
    Have a safe flight back home.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  4. Rena says:

    Oh, this sounds really dangerous! How good you are save in the room. I like you in your relaxed look.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. cennet says:

    WHoa i would be scared too! Luckily nothing bad happend!

    I really like this look you have, can i ask where your sweater is from? Love the basic look.

  6. Fanny says:

    I was in Florida once but luckily no tornado ! I’m happy you were in a safe place. Have a nice and safe flight :)

  7. Eva says:

    Good thing you stayed inside :O Tornados are so dangerous. And wow all the things that happend haha! Luckily everything ended well. I hope you have a safe flight and I’d lovee to see a traditional shopping post. It’s one of the things that I love about your blog~

  8. Martina says:

    Waw this is really interesting trip. Hope now gonna be everything ok and you stay safe. Enjoy the rest of it :)

  9. Wow that must have been so scary! Happy that nothing happend to you :)

  10. Imma says:

    Love this top!
    I was worried about reading about the tornado, I never saw one and I hope I will never see one!

    However I’m happy to read that you enjoyed your week trip :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  11. Oh sweetie that must have been scary! I cannot even imagine..I remember being in Austria and hearing there was a “small” tornado in Lisbon and I couldn’t get my parents on the phone, I was so scared!!!

    I’m glad you’re all safe and sound!! =D

    Rosie’s Life

  12. Perrine says:

    A tornado must be terrifying ! However, I am glad to see that it wasn’t too bad and that you are enjoying your trip ! I love this UO top, it fits perfectly on you :)

    Have a safe flight to Helsinki !
    – Perrine

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looking beautiful!
    And I’m glad it all went well and you were safe.

    Love, Marie Roget

  14. A. says:

    “Now, that was close” indeed! Good to hear (read) that everything turned out well!
    I’m wondering if your friends living Florida are also Finnish? Is there any other blogger among them? Or do they have public instagram accounts? Would be cool to see your trip through somebody else’s lens :) Have a nice flight!


  15. mylullaby says:

    Hi! Greetings from Boca Raton! I must admit yesterday’s tornado warning was a little terrifying, I was at home at this time tho :) I hope you’ll have a safe flight home. Love your neverfull bag.

  16. Tatjana says:

    Hey, Marianna.

    Fuf.. I’m sure it was worse than it is written. I mean scary! :) But thanks God, that everything went well.

    In Estonia, we never had this kind of experience with Tornado, also as in Findland, I guess. I’ve had with earthquake in England, ones)) It wasn’t that fun, I was so scared and thought that our island will split into halves and even worse, the water flooded everything around)))

    But well done! U have a good and positive thought from this time ;)

    Wish u a safe flight ;) love to see more pics and posts from ur trip.


  17. Tornado warnings are so scary! Glad to hear you’re safe! xo

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  18. Kasia says:

    Where did you get your luggage to the post Time to go? Have a great time:)
    Love, Kasia

  19. Jane says:

    This is a really cute and flattering outfit! Also, I’m not sure what you did to your hair in this post, but it looks lovely :)

  20. Shannon says:

    What a crazy trip! I suppose “that was a close one” is better than the “it’s too late” trip! Glad you’re ok!


  21. Huhhuh, melkoiselta reissulta kuulostaa!! Onneksi oot selvinnyt kaikesta kuitenkin :D Toivotaan nyt vielä, että matka takaisin on sujunut hyvin!

  22. Wow that was indeed close! Hope you have a safe flight home :))

  23. Princechic says:

    Ohh dear! What a trip! However you look gorgeous with your look! Love the flats
    Lots of love

  24. PJ says:

    You’ve gained so much weight – wow!

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