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Hello weekend!


Happy Friday all! Here’s a few pictures from two days ago, when it was pretty and sunny in Helsinki. I attended a Lancome morning event at an art gallery, it was the launch of their new Juicy Shaker lipgloss. As a former lover of the Juicy Tubes gloss, I was happy to hear they made a new updated version, especially since I haven’t found Juicy Tubes in Finland for ages. I used to live for that stuff when I was a teenager, hahah! Anyway I chose the shade “Lemon Explosion”, a natural gloss is the best one for me.

I was wearing my favorite winter coat, that light grey one from Zara. Even though I really love it, I still have more feelings right now for leather jackets, bombers, parkas, trench coats… Everything that is made for spring. Over-the-knee boots I’m not ready to store away yet, but just please the lighter jacket weathers, come faster.

Tomorrow I’m selling some of my stuff again at a flea market, so spring wardrobe cleaning continues. I’m constantly checking when “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” book is in stock again, that would probably encourage me more to really get rid of more stuff. I’m hoping to meet some readers tomorrow while selling! :)

Kivaa perjantaita kaikille! Tässä muutama kuva keskiviikolta, kun Helsingissä paistoi aurinko ja kaikkialla oli nätimpää. Aloitin aamuni taidegalleriassa järjestetyssä Lancomen tilaisuudessa, jossa esiteltiin uusi Juicy Shaker huulikiilto. Entisenä Juicy Tubes fanina olin tästä uutuudesta innoissani, teininä en muuta huulikiiltoa käyttänytkään kuin Juicy Tubesia. Sitä ei tosin ole Suomesta löytynyt hetkeen, ainakaan minä en muista nähneeni aikoihin. Mutta kiva oli nyt saada korvaava parempi versio, valitsin itse sävyn “Lemon Explosion”, luonnollinen vaaleanpunainen on mulle paras kiiltosävy!

Ja hei tärkeä ilmoitusasia: huomenna olen Bruno Konepajan Bloggaajakirppiksellä myymässä klo 10 alkaen! Lisää infoa tästä voi tsekata täältä tapahtuman facebook eventistä. Vaatekaappini kevätsiivous siis jatkuu! Toivottavasti nähdään huomenna. :)






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  1. mila says:

    Looking forward to spring too ! So tired of winter and darness ! Hopefully soon the sun will settle for good in Europe !
    Love your outfit BTW

  2. I remember when I was a teenager and have those glosses, they were really nice! <3 I hope to find the updated version in Mexico.

    I love your boots!


    Xaydy |

  3. I´m also selling stuff so that I have some place for spring :D

  4. Fanny says:

    I love your coat !

  5. Petra says:

    Ostin ensimmäisen Juicy Tubes huulikiillon viime kesänä Espanjasta ja osoittautui parhaaksi huulikiilloksi ikinä! Ennätys ajassa kulutin loppuun ja lisää oli saatava, onneksi ainakin Nordicfeeliltä sai tilattua :)

  6. That grey coat is FAB. Zara is one of my favorite stores! I also used to be a Juicy Tube lover (flashback to my high school days)… I’ve gotta try the updated version!

    Xo Melissa

  7. Simone says:

    Hello Marianna,

    that coat looks really nice, I like it a lot!
    And I cannot wait for spring as well, it got quite cold again here in Germany with roofs and cars being frozen over in the morning. But at least we have sun during day.
    The book is available on Amazon Germany, I just checked. Also for Kindle reader. Maybe you can buy it from there?
    Oh, and while checking, I found one called “The life-changing magic of not giving a f**k”, haha, I might buy it just for the title!

    Have a great weekend,


  8. Inès says:

    I am in love with your coat! Is it the new collection ? I can’t find it :(

  9. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Lovely outfit for the day … Very soon Spring will arrive! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  10. Natali says:

    That book is fantastic and getting rid of unnecessary stuff is very “relieving” and you realize how much easier it is to live with “less” than with the hoarder amount of way too much stuff in our homes/ wardrobes.
    Good luck at the flea market!

  11. Marietta says:

    Hi Marianna,
    what a shame I can’t be there again when you sell your stuff :( maybe someday.
    Is your coat one of the new collection?



  12. Anna says:

    Love your outfit,so chic as usual!
    I used that lipgloss too :)

  13. Iida says:

    Oi, tosi kiva asu jälleen. Ja aivan ihana tuo viimeinen kuva!! :-)

  14. Liesa says:

    Really cool glimpse into your life!

  15. Natty says:

    Nice photos :)

  16. nueyork says:

    I am always so obsessed with your winter looks! You manage to strike that perfect balance between chic and cosy, which I always struggle with. x

  17. Marta says:

    Aw, you look so chic! I was so sorry to hear about your hip, I hope you feel better now and i hope you also sleep better now. <3
    Could you tell me what lipgloss did you use on that picture with Minnie from Valentines Day?

  18. Adriana says:

    Mistä takki? :)

  19. Minau says:

    Very nice ensemble!

  20. Love this! Such a nice casual look!


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