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Back at the office…






Back at the office! I’ve been missing everyday routines, so I’m really happy to have office and gym now both back in my life. My friend asked me yesterday what’s wrong with my legs, I was walking so weirdly. Well it was that body pump class I did after an almost three week break, I still walk like a penguin. And today I started my day with a morning workout session with Under Armour, we ran up and down the stairs in front of Helsinki Cathedral and played ultimate. It was so much fun! It’s funny how much working out gives you good energy, no wonder I’ve been a little cranky lately from time to time, when I haven’t been allowed to work out and release all stress. I used to hate having routines when I was younger, now they are what keeps me going. Oh and I used to hate gym, that was when I forced myself into spinning classes and only stared at the clock the whole time wishing it was over. Never again. So good to find the things you enjoy, and not force yourself to do anything, life is all about feeling good. I wish I’d get that better in all areas of life, but I will! A good flowing everyday life is what I’m aiming at. Minnie, work and gym are my routines that I won’t give up!

Hope you are all having a great week! And a little promise to end this post – daily blogging will happen for the rest of the month! x

Takaisin toimistolla! Oon niin ikävöinyt kaikkia rutiineja, joten kivaa että treenit salilla ja töiden teko toimistolla ovat molemmat takaisin kuvioissa. Flunssat ja lonkkavaivat hyvästelty, tai no jälkimmäinen vain puoliksi. Eilen multa kysyttiin, miksi kävelen niin omituisesti. No se oli se kolmen viikon treenitauon jälkeinen body pump tunti, jonka takia mun kävely on muistuttanut jo monta päivää pingviinimäistä vaappumista. Tänään alkoi päivä Under Armourin kanssa treenailulla, mm. Tuomiokirkon portailla hyppelyllä ja ultimaten pelailulla. Oli niin hauskaa, spontaanimmista treeneistä pitäisi tulla tapa! Hassua miten paljon liikkuminen vaikuttaa fiilikseen. Ei ihme että oon ollut viime aikoina ollut välillä huonolla tuulella osaamatta sanoa miksi, en ole päässyt vain purkamaan stressejä salille tai lenkkipolulle. (Okei en käy lenkillä muutenkaan, mutta Minnien kanssa kävely oli lonkan takia pitänyt olla aika hidasta sekin.) Niin kiva kun on löytänyt tavan liikkua niin että siitä nauttii, vaihdellen eri tunteja joogasta pumppiin. Ennen inhosin rutiineja ja salilla käyntiäkin, lukioikäisenä pakotin vain itseäni silloin tällöin spinningiin ja en tykännyt yhtään. Enää mua ei saa tunneille joissa tuijotan vain kelloa toivoen että olisi jo ohi. Elämässä kuitenkin tärkeintä on vain hyvä olo, sellainen hyvin eteenpäin kulkeva arki rutiineilla joista nauttii. Minnie, työ ja treenit – niistä en luovu.

Kivaa viikonjatkoa kaikille! Ja pieni lupaus loppuun, ei enää postaustaukoja tälle kuulle! x

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  1. Kyla Currier says:

    I am so in love with your LV planner! I need to invest in one for myself! I’ve been trying to up my workout lately, I also find I’m more stressed and upset if I don’t get to release any of that.

    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      I can really recommend! I’m so happy decided to invest in one, now I don’t have to buy a new planner every year, just new sheets. And it was so hard to find a nice planner! :) And I know what you mean, when working out comes naturally it’s the best, the beginning to get it back as a routine is the hardest. x

  2. NorthFashion says:

    You’re right! Workout is the best way to start our day! :) ♥♥♥

  3. Annukka says:

    Minnie on vaan niin ihanan hellyyttävä<3!!

  4. Bri says:

    Really excited about your daily blog posts coming back! That’s one of the things in MY routine – looking forward to read your new blogs posts! <3

    With Love,
    Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

  5. Emelie says:

    Olen aivan samaa mieltä rutiinien ja kuntoilun suhteen! Ja tämänpäiväinen kevätaurinkokin piristää mieltä :)
    Ps. Mistä toi ihana kynäkotelo?

  6. Natali says:

    Great to read that you’re doing so much better and can enjoy the gym and your new office too!!
    I used to be that person too, NO to the gym and NO to the routines, but it has all changed and I need my routines to have a balanced and productive week, as well as I need my gym time to feel good mentally and physically!

  7. Aneta says:

    I started working out again too. I had a year break from the gym and my days are much better now. Honestly I have no idea how I was able to live without working out for a year haha. Have a good one Marianna:)

  8. Laura says:

    Another sweet picture of Minnie! Her sweet face makes my day, seriously. Loved all of the other pics too and am excited for daily blogging.

    I used to hate routine too. But now I NEED it in my life or things don’t feel right. I guess it was part of learning how to manage life to best of my ability.

    Glad you are back working out, it relieves so much stress!

    Have a great day!

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      Hahha so sweet :) I’m the same as you, routines are a must nowadays, when I was younger I avoided them as much as I could. Thanks so much Laura! x

  9. Natty says:

    You have the cutest diary I have ever seen! :D

  10. Melod says:

    Oh I definitely have to start doing some sport.. I don’t do anything for years and I think it would bring me more energy !
    I love your shoes they are so pretty ! And as usual, such beautiful pictures :)
    Can’t wait to read your daily blogging :)
    See you xx

  11. M. says:

    Where is your cute stationery from?

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      The pencils ordered from Asos, brand called Ban.Do. The notebook is made by myself, just a pink Moleskine notebook with some stickers. And the pencil case is from Madewell. :) x

  12. Sasha says:

    It would be so cool if you showed us your office, and tell us more about work you do there <3

  13. Abbie E. says:

    The puppy is so cute!
    Abbie E.||

  14. Nancy says:

    I started going to the gym just last month. I’m still getting used to it and seeing what I like to do the best but I’ve really been enjoying it. I love when you blog daily :) xo

  15. justine says:

    I’ve been working out since January (New Year’s resolution haha) and I must say it’s pretty addictive haha :D

  16. Nice details!

    Don’t miss today my super comfy outfit wearing my new lace-up ballerinas for the first time! ;)
    ❤ Kisses from

  17. Naghmeh says:

    aw your note book and pens are so cute! Also yes I agree routine can be very good and important for being productive.
    The Fashionista Bubble

  18. Alex says:

    Such a cute notebook and pens! Office life is more fun with cute things around! Love them!

    xx Alex

  19. Jenny says:

    I feel so much better when I work out regularly as well! :) I am more motivated and generally feel a lot happier :)

    Jenny Side Up

  20. Vvv says:

    Hi Mariannan, please answer, I’m really interested in your opinion :) Have you ever envied anyone as the relationship with her/his mother or a relationship with a friend or boyfriend, just something intangible? How do you cope with that? Because I experiencing, and I do not know what to do. I am sorry that my mom is not my support. I have no friend with whom I could spend time. And that I have not a love relationship. Please, say something helpful..
    And what do you have a relationship with your parents?

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you have a really good relationship with yourself, know that you deserve all the love in the world, and believe you will meet new friends and have new relationships in your life. Meanwhile, love yourself and trust that it will happen. I am pretty close to my mum, though we’ve had our difficulties. But I hope I could cheer you up even a little! <3

      • Vvv says:

        I take to heart what you wrote. Thank you, really thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that you find time to answer random comment, and even slightly help me. With love, V ♥

  21. pilvi says:

    hei! osaatko sanoa minkä kokoinen tämä kalenteri on ?

  22. anna says:

    Mistä noi sun vaaleenpunaset iphonekuoret on?:)

  23. Diana says:

    Minnie is just so cute! :) Love your blog, Marianna (i’ve been a fan for such a long time now hihi) <3 xo

    Check mine out

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