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10 x Throwback Thursday

Ten times throwback Thursday. I found my really old hard drive with pictures from 2009-2014, so decided to share some here. Gosh how young I was when I started to shoot the first outfit pics! At least it feels like it, when I look at my baby face in some of the pictures. On some outfits I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, especially the way I styled my hair… The bigger and messier, the better. That was my way of thinking. I think I’ll do a second part for this post next Thursday hahah!

Anyone remember these looks?

ps. The best end for this busy day today was reading the comments in the previous post. How kind and lovely people you all are! Tomorrow I’ll write more about my weekend plans. Have a good night all! x

Kymmenen kertaa Throwback Thursday -asu. Voi miten nuori olinkaan kun asukuvia aloin jo blogiin ottamaan, tuntuu että siitä on jo ikuisuus. Ja näyttääkin siltä. En tiedä pitäisikö nauraa vai itkeä joidenkin asujen kohdalla, koitin valita kuitenkin pienen suodattimen läpi tänne nämä. :D Ehkä ensi torstaina teen jatko-osan, löytämältäni vanhalta ulkoiselta kovalevyltä löytyi vaikka kuinka paljon kuvia 2009-2014 vuosilta. Tuo hiustyyli vanhimmissa kuvissa ehkä kauhistuttaa eniten, mulle taisi tärkeää vain olla että tukka olisi iso ja sotkuinen, takut ja linnunpesä look sen seurauksena ihan ok…

Muistaako kukaan näitä?

ps. Paras päätös päivälle oli lukea viime postauksen kommentteja. Miten ihania tyyppejä siellä onkaan! Huomenna kirjoittelen vähän viikonloppujuttuja, mutta nyt nukkumaan niin pääsen heti aamusta hommiin. Kauniita unia! x

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    There’s pure wisdom in everything that we do, we always learn and strive for better and bigger things in life. Looking back is a form of achieving success, waving good byes, appreciating the old and saying hello to the new wonderful prospective in life ahead. Simply beautiful photos for even then! :)

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Adrianna says:

    I remember! 3-4 years ago first post I saw. Feel like it was yesterday.

  3. V. says:

    Can you help me? I cant shopping. I hate it. I dont know what looks good on me.Do you have any tips on how to buy only the necessary things? If you understand me?

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      Maybe take a friend with you for a shopping tour? Someone who you think has a nice style, or just advices what she thinks looks good on you. But just basic pieces, nice tops and good fitting jeans are a good start. And trust your gut, I know you can do it by yourself too! Feel what kind of materials and colors you like, forget all kind of style rules, just think about in what kind of outfits and pieces you feel confident and comfortable. And what is you, what represents you. Good luck :)

  4. Wait, these are your throwback photos? Your photos have always been of such amazing quality!! And you are so beautiful before and now!!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. You have always had the most amazing hair color! And style for that matter. I still love all these looks :D

  6. Martak says:

    I remember somehow ending up on your blog during winter time in 2010 and immediately falling in love! All your christmas pictures, outfits, simply written posts (my english wasn’t the best back then) made me a follower of yours up to this day! You somehow have a way of writing in such a calm manner and I feel your postive energy through every word you write and this hasn’t changed at all through out the years… I am starting to ramble right now haha, I do hope you read this though, wishing you lots of love and positivity from Austria’s capital! ❤️

  7. Fanny says:

    I really love these kind of post ! Do more :)
    Yeah I remember them. I can’t believe I’m following you since 2010, almost 7 years !

  8. Annika says:

    Mahtava tb postaus! :D Aiempia kommentteja lukiessa alkoi itseäni ihmetyttää ajan kuluminen :D Muistan myös nämä vanhemmatkin asukuvat ja tuntuu, ettei siitä edes olisi niin kauan kun ne täällä blogissa näkyivät… Havahduin faktaan, että olen seurannut aktiivisesti 7 vuotta sun blogia :D Olit vieläpä ensimmäinen bloggaaja ketä seurasin! Laita ihmeessä lisää näitä vanhoja kuvia :)

    (Aivan mahtava toi kuva, missä sulla on musta kaulaliina ja vaalea biker! Olen sopivasti uutta kevättakkia vailla ja mustan sijaan voisin etsiä tämän sävyistä ja mallista…)

  9. Ana Carolina says:

    Remember almost everything, especially the orange coat and the hair, you used to wear it like that all the time! Time flies!
    You kind of did what I suggested, I’m feeling very important and special right now haha <3


    • Marianna Marianna says:

      I did, I remember how I watched The Hills and especially Lauren Conrad who also styled her hair in a quite similar way.

      You’re the sweetest Ana! <3

  10. Nancy says:

    Yes! I remember all of these! I really loved that orange trench coat! <3

  11. Cindi Johnson says:

    I remember when I first found your blog.It must have been late 2007 or early 2008. I was so taken by your style and beauty. Thank you for this trip down memory lane. You are as beautiful now as you were back then.I am so glad that I have continued following your blog. There have been times when I was down and alone but reading your blogs made me feel like I had sister to listen and guide me. Thank you so very much.

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      Woah, you are one of the first ones then. Thank you so much Cindi, I’m so glad you are still there!! <3 That means so much to me. x

  12. Lucie says:

    I don’t write any comments herebut I read your blog for ages, today I have to write :-) My grandma knitted (or crocheted?) for me white dress I guess 7-8 years ago, and I was searching on internet what to wear with this dress and then I found your blog, because you had there article with white crocheted dress like picture up, but with khaki jacket.. I remember it like it was yesterday :-) I read your blog almost daily since then and I’m big fan of you..I apreciate your style, your home, lifestyle, I envy you have Minnie :-) You inspire me so much! Wish you all the best, keep going with this great job! Kisses from Czech republic xx

  13. Miramyy says:

    Voi toi oranssi (?) takki!!! Kattelin sitä kans noihin samoihin aikoihin ja jäi harmittamaan kun en ostanut.

  14. Veronika says:

    You were the very first blogger I started following, I remember I had no idea what a blog is and why you do what you do but I liked it so much and here we are almost 6 years later still loving your vibes :) Love you xo

    P.S. Also what type of shoes are the ones in the first picture? :)

    • Marianna Marianna says:

      Wow. Thank you so much Veronika, that’s so cool! The shoes are some Nike sneakers that I don’t own anymore, I don’t know the model name either :/ x

  15. Kate Karpina says:

    Marianna, hello! The second photo is my favorite! There is a bag with an animal print. I dreamed about it for a long time. And I bought almost the same heels! I was so happy when I bought them) Like Marianna!

  16. Fanny says:


    en yleensä kommentoi, mutta nyt on pakko: Sun tyylisi on niin nätti ja ajaton, että näistä kuvista ei ollenkaan tule sellaista “ai kamala tuo muoti muutama vuosi sitten” -fiilistä. Mun mielestäni se on tosi hyvä merkki :)

    Ja sitten kysymyspostauksen poikaystäväkysymykseen liittyen vielä pakko lisätä, että samaistuin niin siihen Tinder-juttuun. Tuntuu oudolta tutustua ihmisiin kuvien perusteella. Mutta ei hätää, sä olet niin ihanan oloinen, että löydät varmasti vielä jonkun mahtavan miehen!

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