Sunday February 09 2014

sporty sunday


After yesterday’s night out it felt so good waking up early today (not sleeping til noon and feeling like zombie the rest of the day), changing into something sporty and comfy, and heading out to sunshine for powerwalk. Then continuing for brunch and blogging. Now I’m sipping my third cup of coffee , but on Sundays after only few hours sleep that’s acceptable I guess. I’ve only lately discovered how much more fun it is to do work in a cafe or some other place with full of people and lively environment. With all kind of hustle and bustle around me I’m even more efficient!

Eilisillan jälkeen oli ihana herätä aikaisin (eikä nukkua iltapäivään ja zombeilla loppupäivää niinkuin perinteisesti venähtäneiden iltojen jälkeen), vaihtaa mukavat sunnuntaivaatteet ja lähteä aurinkoiseen ilmaan pienelle powerwalkille. Powerwalk jatkuikin kannettavan kanssa lopulta brunssille ja nyt tässä bloggailen kolmas kahvikuppi vieressä. Noo parin tunnin yöunien jälkeen sallittua, sunnuntait saa olla tällaisia. Oon vasta vähän aikaa sitten tajunnut miten paljon kivempaa töiden teko on kahvilasta käsin tai muualta missä on ympärillä hälinää, oon paljon tehokkaampikin kun pysyy aivot virkeinä! Ei suinkaan johdu kahvista…





Saturday January 18 2014

answers part two – workout & food


How often do you workout?

About 4 times a week. It gives me always such a good feeling, makes me happier and more energetic, so that’s why I like working out more often nowadays

What colour of Nike free run shoes do you like?

There are so many nice ones! My favorites atm are my leopard pattern ones with the coral details, but I’m hoping to find some hot pink ones next


What kind of workouts do you do?

Mostly gym and yoga. I do more strength training than cardio. Besides that I think I need that more, I also think it’s more fun. Everyday-life cardio is fun though (like laughing shopping and dancing ;D) and I’ll probably start jogging and doing power walks when it gets warmer. But yes mostly at the gym just strength training.

What´s your current fitness routine?

My gym program right now is ‘Arnold’s golden six’, which my brother fixed for me. In summary I train the big muscle groups from head to toe in one workout session, about three times a week. Chest, legs, arms, back, abs… And short warm-up and stretching. I’m not very familiar with workout vocabulary so there might be mistakes, but I do the basic things: squats and lunges, abs (plank and crunches), shoulder press, pull-downs and seated bench press (?). I like to vary a little bit the moves I do, but the basic muscle groups stay the same.


Can you tell us what are your favorite post and pre workout snacks?

Pre-snack: fruit, post-snack: smoothie or just a proper meal

How long do you usually workout?

For about one hour


Do you workout completely without makeup? I mean also base, eyebrows, mascara…

If I don’t have any makeup on and I’m going to the gym, then I go completely without it. But often I have already everyday make up on (base+one layer of mascara or so) then I don’t remove it before gym. So I don’t really care how I look at the gym, more important is that my workout clothes are nice and I feel good in them.

Do you think yoga is the best sport for a lean toned body?

I think mixing different sports is the best, and doing the ones you enjoy doing, then you get best result for mental and physical health :D


^ Workout log gifted from Fitnessguru. I love doing all kinds of lists and writing diary and all that, so it has been fun to start writing here my workouts!


^ A workout book I bought one month ago, written by the Swedish bloggers Sofi Fahrman and Julia Fors, I really like this! Nice pictures and good tips about exercising and eating and feeling good


What is your daily food? What do you usually eat at breakfast, lunch, breaks and dinner?

I eat rye-bread, smoothies, quark and berries, yoghurt and granola, basic home-cooked meals (including carbs), vegetables, fruits… I don’t want to sound like I have some eating plan or strict diet or anything, nooo way! :) Instead of the gym results or something I’m just looking for that good feeling, so I eat what I feel like eating and don’t make any rules. I also like yummy things and everything sweet, and I think there’s no problem or anything unhealthy eating those if the base of the diet is okay

Can you post a new recipe? I always like your food pictures and I need some inspiration. Have you got some suggestions for healthy recipes?

Thanks so much! I haven’t done that in a while, it could be time for a new one. But I usually just cook basic foods of ingredients I like, for example chicken/meat/fish with dark pasta/rice and vegetables, lately I’ve been doing lots of woks. I often also like adding some cheese to my meals, like cottage cheese or halloumi or feta. And dressings I’ve made myself, like with sour cream or turkish yoghurt, mixed with spices etc. Home-made hamburgers, and wraps and pizzas made with whole wheat tortillas are also healthy and delicious, and quite basic things in my kitchen!


Do you eat salads every day? Or how often?

I eat vegetables every day, but salads as meals not necessarily every day. I like to eat them when I’m lunching out with a friend, but when I cook at home I cook more normal meals rather than salads

Do you eat pizza?


What food you really don’t like?

Pea soup, raw fish and meat, spinach, and anything with cabbage